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My baby keeps loosing weight...what do I do?

My daughter is 15 months old and between 9 and 12 months she only gained 4 oz. Then at 14 months she lost a whole pound. I started her on pediasure and 15 months she had gained that pound back. But she doesnt like to eat. My ped asked me how many she was drinking a day and I said 3. She said 3 is a full days diet so to cut it down to 1 or 2 so she will want to eat more. I did that and about 2 wks later she lost 7 ounces. I talked to the ped again about her weight and she said that around 15-18 months a lot of babies dont want to eat but they dont normally loose weight. We decided to go ahead and start giving her 3 pediasure a day again. She also suggested to keep as many different finger foods in the house as possible. Do you guys have any advice?

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Asked by DarciMykell at 12:04 AM on Oct. 24, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • *here is a little background on sydni*

    She was exclusively breastfed til about 11 months.  Then she got maybe 1 jar of babyfood a day but still nursing.  Between 12 and 13 months she got to where she would eat 1 to 1 1/2 grilled cheese sandwiches and then around 14 months she got to where she would barely eat 1/2 a sandwich.  All of her eating has decreased.  (I'm just using the sandwich as an example b/c all her meals decreased like that.)  I think she is about done nursing so she isnt getting much from me at all.  What do I do?


    Answer by DarciMykell at 12:05 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • just keep trying to feed her. And try to find fattening things to give her, but healthy. Like olives, avocados, ...i guess she's too young for peanut butter.
    But you get the idea.

    Answer by outstandingLove at 12:17 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • Have you started her on whole milk yet? That should work, there are extra calories in that. I believe most dr.'s recommend whole milk starting at 1 year. Try giving her snacks throughout the day and try a variety of foods. Cheerios are good, yogurt, some cheeses, crackers, soft granola bars, toast with jam, try a variety, eventually she will have a favourite snack:) , mandarin oranges, grapes quarted, over cooked carrots, banana, offer a good variety, that usually helps:) I have a 20 month old and at your babies age, sometimes if he didn't "feel' like eating much, as long as he had his 3 bottles/cups of milk (at least 24 ozs) he was fine. Is she teething? That could affect her appetite. Hope I was alittle helpful. I'm sure as long as the dr. is fine with her weight, you shouldn't worry...but of course you are a mom, and worry is natural for us:) take care.

    Answer by qtmamacanada at 12:34 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • go see a different pediatrician. She needs to be checked out, losing weight like that is not normal. Toddlers not always wanting to eat is normal. Losing weight, not wanting to eat is very unhealthy and needs to be addressed. Seek another opinion.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:55 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • to the anonymous: there is no way in HELL I would go see another pediatrician. She has been in my family for 12 yrs and she knows us as people/friends not just patients.


    Answer by DarciMykell at 1:10 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • Darci, considering the issues with your baby I think it's time to see a specialist. Your ped may be a friend, but this baby appears to be beyond her.

    Is this relationship worth your child's health? You've got to look at it differently. Don't think I don't parents were friends with their doc and therefore trusted him implicitly. BUT...he missed the signs of my mother's colon cancer in the early stages. If we'd been a little more insistent on looking deeper Mom would probably still be alive today.

    Baby comes first here, hon. Doc's preofessional pride might get a little wounded BUT if something is found a good friend will be relieved rather than angry.

    Answer by gdiamante at 1:58 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • It's past time to see a specialist. Your kid is surviving on pediasure not food! Your pediatrician seems to be okay with that! Stop the pediasure and get her eating food!!!

    She will eat when she's hungry and she' snot getting hungry now because you're filling her up with drinks! She is losing weight and that's not right, you do need to get another opinion!!! And stop letting her drink so much!

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:29 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • Yes, take her to go see a specialist.

    Also, isn't this why it is recommended that babies get started on solids around 6 months? Because otherwise the textures may be too much for them and they may refuse to eat much when it comes to solids It kind of sounds like what's happening here, even though she ate some at first, she tended to get most of her calories from breastmilk. Around a year, the bulk of those calories need to be coming from food.

    My kids are very tiny (my 4 year old is 32 pounds and my 2 year old is 22 pounds), but they've always been that way and they are on their own growth curve.

    Whole milk is a good thing. When my DD was that age, we were adding powdered slimfast to her milk. But she only got milk AFTER she ate her meals.

    On the basic level it sounds like she's getting filled up on drinks and doesn't NEED to eat, therefore she won't. But I would see a specialist to be sure.

    Answer by Cavalrybaby02 at 8:48 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • Did you take her to see her doctor. It's very important and serious to take a baby whose loosing weight to see the pediatrician .

    Answer by incarnita at 9:16 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

  • She needs to see a specialist, no question. Your family pediatrician doesn't even have to know about it. But the reality here is that your daughters situation is not changing and she is NOT getting a sufficient amount of nutrition. If you are on here asking for advice then you are obviously concerned so do the right thing.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:04 AM on Oct. 24, 2009

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