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Gallup- 61% of Americans think Obama Nobel undeserved?

The majority of Americans do not believe President Barack Obama deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize (61%), but the public is split in its personal reaction to the announcement. Asked if they are “glad” Obama received the prize, 46% of Americans say yes and 47% say no. …
The USA Today/Gallup poll conducted about a week after the announcement did not ask Americans whether they believe that the award may ultimately be deserved, or whether it was appropriately given in anticipation of the potential of the Obama administration’s peace efforts. The central question simply asked whether Obama “deserved” the award, and found Americans by roughly a 2-to-1 margin saying no rather than yes.

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:54 AM on Oct. 25, 2009 in Politics & Current Events

Answers (40)
  • What exactly has he done to deserve it?

    Answer by SaraP1989 at 9:56 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • Barack Obama didn't think Barack Obama didn't deserve the prize. It was given in an attempt to influence him towards peace.

    You know who else didn't deserve it? Yasir Arafat. But they gave it to him too.


    Answer by Anonymous at 10:07 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • The committee is very political. The EU needs the US to become more socialist. They are pushing the global government, global monetary system, and global economy. The EU was extatic when BO was elected because they know he is socialist. They will now be able to have the US in their corner and expand the socialist system. The members of the NPP committee are Europeans who believe just that. He got the NPP to benefit Europe, and he is such a narcissist that he had to accept the darn thing knowing he didn't do anything to deserve it. It is to be on past acts and not acts that may happen in the future.


    Answer by jesse123456 at 10:10 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • He should of declined the award. And, YES, he COULD have done so!

    Seeing as Carter's winning of the NPP was a slap in the face to Bush I for the Gulf War, Gore's was to make up for losing to Bush II and for the US not embracing Global Warming, Obama's was to express how much they disliked Bush II. Really, it's that simple and obvious, and the award means absolutely nothing!

    Answer by LoriKeet at 10:11 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • so what?

    Answer by older at 10:16 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • expected response.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:18 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • I'm still reeling from the idea.  Obama expanded the war in Afghanistan, bombed Pakistan, kept Bush's withdrawal schedule for Iraq, and kept and expanded the Patriot Act.

    The Nobel Peace Prize was given for pretty words, but look at his actions.  He did not deserve it. 


    Answer by Anonymous at 10:22 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • Hey, Older would have posted this, if the numbers had been reversed! LOL

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:23 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • Al Gore, Yassar Arafat, Barack Obama.....

    Next time, some of the nominated are bound to be Brad Pitt, Madonna, and Homer Simpson.

    Answer by mancosmomma at 10:25 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • Anon, it does not matter to me whether he deserved it or not, there have been many others who haven't deserve it and still got it. The numbers mean absolutely nothing in the scheme of things.

    Answer by older at 10:25 AM on Oct. 25, 2009

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