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quitting smoking

anyone else out there successfully quit smoking? im clean for day 7 today and the last two days have been worse than the first two. today, im irritable and crabby and really want to smoke. My SSs can do no right and im hateful with the world today. WTF? i know after 72 hours my body has gotten rid of all the nicotine and the physical addiction should be over, but was it this bad at this stage for anyone else? How long does this last?

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Asked by emt088 at 8:59 PM on Oct. 25, 2009 in Health

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  • I quit smoking Dec of 2008. I just quit. yep just quit. I started drinking tea. Hot tea or cold tea. I am more for the hot tea though. I quit cold turkey, no help or anything. Well yes your gonna be hateful but those around you should be alittle understanding and just let some shit slide. I smoked for6 years up till i quit. I smoked the Newport menthols. You have to come to a point where you're just done with smoking. if you're truely ready to be done smoking then just stopping wont be that hard. By a pack and be like ok this is my last pack. The closer you get to the last one prepare your self.

    I eat alot of meaty flavored products now. Mostly slim jims. I dont know if thats something that is related to the smoking thing or not. YOu're gonna be eating more. Thats NORMAL!!! If you gain a few pounds dont freak out!!! Quitting smoking should be more important .

    Answer by MommyTurtle1985 at 9:10 PM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • Good job girl!!! I totally know how you feel. Yes, it seems as if you should be over the worst part, but the worst part for me by far was my out of control grumpiness. Day 7, you are so close to being through with all the symptoms.
    I quit over 2 months ago cold turkey. The second week was by far the hardest for the exact same reason. Just sleep through it as much as you possibly can, try to walk a lot, and just be by yourself. Just remember this is not you, it will pass, and you will come out of it feeling better than ever. I was PMSing during that second week, I don't think it would have been so bad.
    (could you be too?) Trust me, one more week and you're all done.
    PM me if you need anything at all or just want to vent. I never even think about smoking, other than when I smell it on someone and it's so offensive.
    I'm so happy I quit, feel so much better and smell better and am able to excersize. I'm proud of you too!!

    Answer by JackieGirl007 at 9:12 PM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • After you quit smoking then worry about the weight gain if you're worried at all. ( I am not) I found that mouth was, really strong mouth wash like Listerine helps with cravings. Anytime you feel a strong craving go rinse your mouth out!! It totally helped. When you are done smoking you'll start to notice the smell and yeah its stinky. I didn't really notice it till i quit for like a month. LOL ewww. I hope you do well. Good luck. I have more tips if you're interested!!! Buy a video game to take out your anger and annoyance on....i baught Oblivian for ps3 and um also war games too.

    Answer by MommyTurtle1985 at 9:15 PM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • oh i see you're already 72 hours in. I know that in the mornings that thats usually the hardest time to be with out a ciig ( well it was for me ) I brushed my teeth as soon as i woke up and i took a really really hot shower. I also suggest if you use cleasel or daily face cleaner to do it in the shower. Put it on and leave it on for like 1 min. It really helped with my morning gruppys. Yes at this point it just finding things to distract yourself with . If you're able to do the video game thing then i suggest Call of duty and oblivian. LIPGLOSS also helps you not smoke!!! If you put lip gloss or stick on then you're not able to smoke. Well im weird. LOL it helped me. Buy new perfume too!! Makes you feel refreshed

    Answer by MommyTurtle1985 at 9:24 PM on Oct. 25, 2009

  • well first of all congrats!!!!! i just quit smoking again (lol). ive actually quit about 3 months ago. i am pregnant and was cutting down but i got strep throat and was terribly sick for about a week. so that is how i quit. the quitting is the hard part . now you just have to keep up on it. it is hard, but i smoked for about 8 years and it was hard, but after you get through the 1st couple weeks it gets easier and then you realize, wow i can get up in the morning without smoking a cigarette, and get in the car without smoking. its just about breaking out of the routine. good luck to you and God bless :) stay strong!!

    Answer by h_anne88 at 9:47 PM on Oct. 25, 2009

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