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How can I get my newborn to start sleeping in her bassinet during the night?

Every time I try putting my newborn in her bassinet during the night to sleep, she starts crying, it's a no go and instead I have to end up in the recliner with her. Haven't slept in my own bed in a while and miss my husband...

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Asked by jessizitzman at 7:43 PM on Oct. 26, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (9)
  • have you tried swaddling her? You could probably even put her to sleep in a swing or papasan if she is buckled in and no blankets are by her face.

    Answer by c_lotte1107 at 7:48 PM on Oct. 26, 2009

  • Cosleeping saved my sanity the first 3 months.

    Answer by ave.maria. at 7:50 PM on Oct. 26, 2009

  • If it helps at all, my DIL followed a philosophy that said for the first three months (I think it was) that the baby should sleep nestled on the mom. She didn't get much sleep during this time.

    To answer your question... I would put them in the bassinet and if needed sit or stand by them and rub their backs or tummies until they drifted off. If your daughter is being startled awake by the cold sheets, then maybe a warm water bottle that is removed before baby is put in the bed (and the sheets felt to make sure they aren't too hot) would work.

    Answer by Bmat at 7:51 PM on Oct. 26, 2009

  • Try swaddling her and holding her until she is asleep. She is all covered and then she won't touch the cold bed. That may help. My middle child was the same way. I would get him to sleep, put him in his bed and he would wake up almost immediately and cry. He ended up sleeping in his swing all night long until he was about 10 months old. He took naps in it and everything, would never sleep in his crib for me. At daycare, (which he didn't start until 9 months) he would go right to sleep in the crib for them at naps. I think he liked to move and their cribs on wheels. Someone told me about a little circle that you can put under their mattress that makes it vibrate. You can get it at target I believe. That might help you as well.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:55 PM on Oct. 26, 2009

  • Yep, I have tried swaddling her and then placing her in bassinet after she goes to sleep, but once I put her in, she wakes up again. She doesn't like her swing or bouncy chair either...

    I do rub her tummy and face while she is in her bassinet to try and get her to calm down and doze off, but she doesn't seem to care for it if mommy isn't holding her.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!! I think I am going to look into the vibrating ring to see if that helps...


    Answer by jessizitzman at 8:16 PM on Oct. 26, 2009

  • sam happens to me too with my 6 week old

    Answer by miss_ashley225 at 9:30 PM on Oct. 26, 2009

  • same happens to me...he falls asleep on my chest...n then as soon as we go to put him down he wakes up! Only way my son will stay asleep is if he gets to sleep on his belly (which doctors say is unsafe) So....I got a positioner...that you can move the side pieces...i put them close together...n once he is alseep...i lay him in that his chest is on one of the side make him think that he is on his belly...but really he is mostly on his far its been working!!

    Answer by oxcarirenexo at 9:59 PM on Oct. 26, 2009

  • wrap her up in a blanket, and put a blanket down on the bassinet. make sure its not cold in ur house. if she has that cold shock when u put her down, she will wake up. make sure u put her down very slowly, always supporting her body and head, and when u put her on the bassinet pad, dont just plop her, put her down and keep ur hands there for a second, and very slowly remove one hand at a time. if u start co sleeping or holding her all night now, u will never get her to sleep on her own. my 10 month old still cries when i put him in his crib so i wrap him up loosely, set him in really slow, and pray he stays asleep. i wish i would have just put him in his crib awake as a newborn and let him get used to getting to sleep on his own. but some babies just refuse no matter what. but keep trying it every night

    Answer by Butterflysky_24 at 12:43 AM on Oct. 27, 2009

  • have you talked to her doctor or even a nurse who is on call?? usually they can give out helpful ideas too. I never personally did it, but maybe let her try and put herself to sleep? I wouldn't let her cry for more than a few minutes though... or even sing to her before, during and after you put her in her crib?

    Answer by c_lotte1107 at 6:50 PM on Oct. 28, 2009

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