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Should I have another baby now??? Need help...

Right now we have a 3 year old and a 7 month old. I've had 3 c-sections with one baby being a stillborn due to Trisomy 18, which can be genetic or just a rare occurance. We know that 2/3 children where healthy.... We've had 3 c-sections in 3 years though... lat 2006, early 2008 and 2009. We don' t want the last baby to be too far apart form the oldest one but we don't knwo if it's a good idea to push another c-section. It's NOT a option for VBA3C...
We're both in school but he's close to graduating and has a full time job already. i also don't knwo what my family would say. what do you think? I'm 23, btw.

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Asked by Anonymous at 7:44 PM on Oct. 31, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (7)
  • Nooooo. It would be very dangerous for you. Please research it. It is recommended that women wait at least 3 years between C-sections and it starts getting dangerous after 2. You are putting your life in danger and could leave your family without a mother. I did a research paper on C-sections for a graduate epidemiology course and read a lot about it.

    Read info from the World Health Organization.

    Answer by Gailll at 7:48 PM on Oct. 31, 2009

  • There are plenty of women who have had more and the doctor said that my uterus looked "okay", not too scarred and usually the worst case is havign to remove the uterus. I'm not looking at it like, "oh, I could die" because, I could die doing anything, even natural labor I almost died! Thank God for the c/s or we wouldn't have survived.... So I wanted to know when i should have one and how long to wait.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:54 PM on Oct. 31, 2009

  • I'd wait a year or two, at least. Let your body recover... just because they're farther apart in age it doesn't mean they won't be close. My best friend and his brother are 15 years apart, and they're the best of friends! Enjoy the baby, wait a year or two, then go for it! Don't sacrifice yourself for another baby.

    Answer by Annabel1809Lee at 8:07 PM on Oct. 31, 2009

  • Ahh hun! Your situation reminds me of mine!! I have a 3 year old son, my daughter passed away last year, and I have a new baby girl.. 3 csections in 3 years. Did they say anything about scar tissue when you had your last baby? I know they said I didn't have much at all and I'm still nervous, wondering if we'll ever try again. We saw specialists before we had our 3rd baby and got the OK to try again.. I was pregnant twice last year! I had my daughter in April and then got pregnant with my second daughter in late October. Weird when you think of it like that! Anyways, I say, see someone before you try.. find out if you had a lot of scar tissue w/ the last section.. maybe wait a little longer. I know if we try again, it won't be until our baby is atleast 1 1/2 years old.

    Answer by ProudmomiOf2 at 9:21 PM on Oct. 31, 2009

  • c-sections get more risky as the number increases... i'd wait until you're at least 18 months post-partum to start trying again. this will be my 3rd c-section in 3 years too, and i don't plan to have anymore.. the doc said that it's very risky having c-sections this close together, and doesn't recommend that any woman have more than 4 cesereans.

    do some research, talk to your ob... i'd definitely wait a little longer.

    Answer by katatrinakay at 9:49 PM on Oct. 31, 2009

  • Talk to your doctor. Age difference matters not in how close the kids are; the closest siblings I've ever known were born a decade apart, and the ones who hated each other most were 18 months apart. It's the PARENTING that matters, not the ages.

    You really do need to be concerned about your life and health more than anything else. If you do a good job in parenting, age differences will make NO difference.

    Answer by gdiamante at 1:18 AM on Nov. 1, 2009

  • Thanks everyone, maybe I will wait another year! You are right, I can parent them to be close and evne if the oldest to youngest is 5 years apart... it will be okay!

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:33 AM on Nov. 1, 2009

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