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at my wits end

my 14 month old has been waking up at 3 am almost every night for the past week and half. He wakes up screaming as if he is terrible pain, he refuses to be comforted back to bed. When I ask him whats wrong he tells me he is hungry.

During the day he eats really well. Today he had yogurt and cereal for breakfast. Eggs blended with veggies, a bit of cheese and some toast for lunch, for diner he had chicken with pasta and peas. Through out the day he also had some apple, a bit of peach and some dried papaya and a handful of cheerios. He also had 3 milk bottles
When he wakes he wolfs down what ever snack I give him and then he wont go back to sleep until 7-8am. He takes an hour nap and is up for the day - but really cranky.
I have tried cutting out his last nap and giving him a snack just before bed but they haven't work. I need more than 3 hours of sleep a night
Please help.


Asked by Amelora at 3:28 AM on Nov. 3, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (7)
  • Mine went through a growth spurt around that age...she did nothing but eat and sleep for 2 weeks straight. Offer something with fat and protein in it right before bed (like cheese & milk)...that might hold him over until morning.

    Answer by ANGIE409 at 1:38 PM on Nov. 3, 2009

  • Growth spurt? I would just offer water at that time of the night.

    Answer by IMAMOM2-2KIDS at 3:33 AM on Nov. 3, 2009

  • What about some juice in between meals? I feed my DD a lot more then that in a day. Breakfast: cereal, apple pieces and a 9 oz of milk, am snack goldfish and a 6 oz of juice, lunch: grilled cheese little blends yougert, 6 oz milk, pm snack, Banana & peanut butter, 4oz juice, Dinner: chicken, potatoes, corn 9 oz of milk that's what she will eat today we start our day at 7:30am and she takes a nap at 1:00pm-2:30pm and then bed time is at 8:00pm She is 17 months old has been on that schedule since she was 13 months old. Give him more in the day time full bellys sleep better my Great-grandma told me that. Ya it very well may be a groth spirt. GL and I hope you get some sleep soon.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:02 AM on Nov. 3, 2009

  • I would give him some water when he wakes up.
    I know a few moms that went through the same thing, what they did was get that carnation instant breakfast (I don't know if it comes in diferent flavors but she said they use choc. flavor) they give there kids a bottle right before bed and then they sleep all night long, that ways it's feeling and pretty healty.

    Answer by looovemybabies at 4:35 AM on Nov. 3, 2009

  • Did you call your Dr.?Just to make sure he doesn't have a tape worm??????

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:06 AM on Nov. 3, 2009

  • At 14 months, he may be having a hard time putting words to what he is feeling, so "hungry" comes out. Does he know other words for emotions? Sorry, not trying to be insulting, just trying to help. "Scared" (or anything else not concrete) is sometimes a hard concept for little ones.
    Could he be allergic to something that he is eating? Dairy is common, wheat too. Might want to research & see if symptoms line up.
    Could he be cold? I had to buy heavier jammies because DS was waking up in the night. He slept all night long for the first time in weeks. I'm kicking myself for not realizing that even though his jammies were long sleeved with pants, and socks, it was not enough. Not one time did he ever say he was cold. I feel awful for not anticipating that one.
    Hope you find the answer soon. I know it's hard to feel like a competent Mommy when you're so tired you can barely see straight & your baby is suffering. Good luck!

    Answer by JawgaMom1 at 8:26 AM on Nov. 3, 2009

  • I would say your creating a habit by giving him food in the middle of the night. He needs to know it's bedtime and not meal or snack time. I agree with the previous comment to offer water and give it as the only option. Also, as previously stated by JawqaMom1 food allergies may be an issue. Sounds like you feed your little one a lot of dairy products. Maybe research and/or talk to your doctor about this possibility. Good luck!

    Answer by MommyManic at 9:22 AM on Nov. 3, 2009

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