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When did your symptoms start?

So on the 22 of oct I had my period and then a couple days later it stopped and DH said that he didn't get out in time....we are on BC pills but because we have had 2 BC babies we are also using pul out...(I know its not really affective but its just something on top of a higher dosage pill). Anyways on the 29th I started to spot alittle bit and it was bright red/pink/brown and only lasted for about 12 hours. SSOOOOO I know taking a test now would be to early but yesterday and today I have been soooo emotional for no reason and smelling things that no one else can smell. I have had some cramping but nothing major...I guess my question is when did you start showing symptoms of being pregnant? BTW I had just finished only the first pack of pills when he "missed"

and last night I passed out on the couch at like 6:30pm and my DH gave DS#1 dinner and put him to bed and I was like sooo out of it and then I slept til almost 7:30

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Asked by julieobug at 12:57 PM on Nov. 6, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • and still didn't want to get up...I'm still sooo tired my body is like achy...I don't think thats that right way to describe it but my body is tired.

    Answer by julieobug at 12:57 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • Wow sounds like when I was preggo with my son. It was instant with the emotions and smells. Id get a test soon if I were you

    Answer by Shyma at 1:02 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • If you have had 2 babies already. You should know how it feels to be pregnant. If BC pills do not work for you why are you even waisting time taking it? Why don't you try some other type of BC? Instead of pulling out why not use rubbers?

    Answer by louise2 at 1:04 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • My body just felt off when I was pregnant. I didn't get tired right away but the smells and the emotions started pretty quickly after I conceived. But I didn't start getting any cramps until I was about 6 wks.

    Answer by bjw_053109 at 1:20 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • you I realize that you must think I'm stupid or something I'm not really. We can't use condoms because I'm allergic to the latex. I can't get an IUD because of abnormal PAPs. This is the best thing for us. The doctors put me on a higher dose pills with hope that it will work because both the other pills were low dose.

    Answer by julieobug at 1:26 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • Wish I knew. I have 2 children and they were both concieved while I was taking birth control pills. I rarely had period while on the pill so missing a period was nothing new. My oldest we didn't find out until I was in my 2nd trimester and with my youngest we didnt know until 10 weeks. Now we are trying to have another and I feel something but I don't know if it's pregnancy or not. I have some cramping and bloating and exhaustion and irritability. But I can't test for another 7 days. I wish I had known I was pregnant the other 2 times, then I'd know how early symptoms started and what those symptoms were. Sorry I can't help you, I'm in the same boat. Waiting for when I can test.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:10 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • Anon, I feel you I feel like this month will go sooo slow. The first time I knew before my period was due, the second time I was 11 weeks before I knew since I was bfing and so everything just seemed normal to me thats what is going on this time and I have NEVER had break through bleeding from BC and I have not had implantation bleeding either thats why I'm nervous.

    Answer by julieobug at 2:13 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • Stress can trigger different reactions in your body that make you think you're pregnant- a delayed period, swelling in your breasts, leakage, even a baby bump!!! It's a psychological thing.... so the BEST thing you can do is not worry about it.

    To be completely honest, even if you ARE pregnant, you're gonna be that way for 9 mos. There's no WAY you won't figure it out (even the girls that have no idea they're pregnant till they go into labor... they uh... figure it out when they get to the hospital with labor pains!!) ... so don't jump ahead so far. No reason to run out and buy a test... it is what it is... that's my take.

    I didn't get any symptoms until about 10 weeks along or so....

    Answer by livn4hevn at 2:22 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • true very true...I wouldn't be able to test for another 2 weeks or more anyways so I guess I should just stop thinking about it so much. I'm just soooooo tired!

    Answer by julieobug at 2:27 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

  • First off all... just because the OP has 2 kids does NOT mean she will know what it feels like to be pregnant! Each pregnancy is different so that really doesnt mean she would know what it felt like this time!!

    OP... It is VERY unlikely (although it is possible) that you would ovulate days after your period. I dont really know what to say besides that time will tell you if you are pregnant or not! I know its the longest wait EVER but wait it out til the end of the month and see what happens

    Answer by Jaydin_Makenna at 2:35 PM on Nov. 6, 2009

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