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Would it be wrong to use my baby's piggy bank money for christmas presents?

He has $20 + 2 or 3 dollars in pennies I didn't feel like counting. He is only 14 months so he doesn't understand about the money, he just likes to find change on the floor in my room and put it in there. He had $50 but we hit a rough patch and had to use it for food.... he will be paid back at tax time.
Would it be wrong for me to spend "his" money on christmas presents for him?


Asked by Anonymous at 12:08 AM on Nov. 8, 2009 in Just for Fun

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Answers (8)
  • This is a choice only you can make, You know your situation better then any of us do. Maybe instead of putting your change in a piggy bank for him you should put it in a seperate fund for his Christmas. There is several weeks till Christmas and by then you should not have to touch his money, just a suggestion, good luck

    Answer by ronjwake at 1:14 AM on Nov. 8, 2009

  • Yes, It's his money and you shouldnt touch it. If you keep on using it and one day you cant pay him back then he will have no money. It's $20 I'm sure you can cut back on something for $20

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:14 AM on Nov. 8, 2009

  • I agree. I wouldnt do it. Just save your pocket change until its time to buy presents and then cash in. But if that money is set aside for him, it should stay his.

    Answer by Aqua_Jen at 12:19 AM on Nov. 8, 2009

  • OP here
    His piggy bank IS just our pocket change at the end of the night or if some falls out of our pockets and he finds he puts it in. It's not like it's his birthday money that grandma gave him, it really was ours to begin with.


    Answer by Anonymous at 12:21 AM on Nov. 8, 2009

  • My grandmother started a piggy bank for my daughter when she was born and adds to it every holiday or birthday or anything...and I add to it every chance I get. It's meant to be for her...not for me or anyone else. Before my husband and I separated she had quite a bit in there already and one day it was gone....he had used it to put gas in the car so he could go buy pot....lovely huh? My advice would be to leave it alone. I figure that I will keep adding to it and leave it and when my daughter is old enough to CHOOSE to spend it on something, then I'll let it be her decision.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:22 AM on Nov. 8, 2009

  • It doesnt matter if it's yours to begin with. You put it in his piggy bank so now its his. Most money that goes into the piggy bank is the parents first but the moment you put it in his piggy bank then it's his. Just leave it be it's $20 find some other way to get the money

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:29 AM on Nov. 8, 2009

  • You're spending his money on him, so I don't see what's wrong with it. But if it's bothering your conscience, I wouldn't do it. You don't want to spend the holidays feeling guilty about your decision.

    I know the feeling. I'm always feeling guilty about using my dd's child support money when I buy toys for her. Don't ask me why!!! Part of me feels like I should be using my own money to buy her toys, and save the child support for more important things. I hate feeling that way, I really do. It makes me depressed.

    Answer by Fallaya at 12:46 AM on Nov. 8, 2009

  • Try finding and using $20 worth of coupons for your groceries and household items. Then you can use the $20 you saved from those coupons instead of using your kid's money. Just a thought...make a list of all the things you normally buy, then, using the internet and the Sunday paper, clip coupons for those items. It's a bit time-consuming, but worth it in the long run.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:49 AM on Nov. 8, 2009