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Am I wrong or is my dh?

My dh is upset with me bc I have been taking my son's temperature and giving him medicine for fever reducer anyway he is upset bc now I am just giving him his medicine without checking his temperature...I guess bc he feels warm to mild warm and I am assuming he still running temp. He tells me I should check it everytime regardless...I feel like I have to give him the medicine anyway so why go that far on checking it again and again. If I feel he feels better that should be good enough...shouldn't it? But I do check it though but not every freakin moment.

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:45 PM on Nov. 9, 2009 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

Answers (8)
  • I usually check it each time just to be sure that the fever warrants meds. I don't give meds for a fever unless its over 100. I like to know exactly what it is through out the day/night so in case it spikes, I have an accurate account as to when and then I can alternate meds if I can not get it down. That's just me. =)

    Answer by khedy at 11:00 PM on Nov. 9, 2009

  • Sorry, but I side with your husband. Just because you "feel" your child still has a fever doesn't necessarily mean he does. You need to make sure the fever is actually there before you give meds. Too much medicine is often worse than the illness it's treating. It's ridiculously easy to over dose children with medicine, even when it's geared FOR children.


    Answer by debra_benge at 11:00 PM on Nov. 9, 2009

  • Always check before you give him medication. Too much can do serious damage to his liver. You could always try other methods to reduce a slight fever instead of medication. Why medicate when it can be avoided? I'm sorry but I have to agree with your husband. Besides, if he has a fever that keeps coming back, he should probably be seen by a doctor anyway.

    Answer by Rebecca7708 at 11:00 PM on Nov. 9, 2009

  • I don't even know where our thermometer is. I just go by touch. If they are warm enough I can tell by a simple touch to the forehead then I give them something for it. But I don't just give it willy-nilly. Actually I won't give them something for a fever unless they are really hot, sluggish or have other symptoms that are bothering them (sore throat or headache). A fever is the body's way of fighting off infection. It's a good thing unless it gets too high. I only give OTC meds if the kids are miserable because their symptoms aren't controllable on their own.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 8:06 AM on Nov. 10, 2009

  • i always check temp's before giving med. sorry, i agree with your dh.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:32 AM on Nov. 10, 2009

  • how long has he been having the medication? too long is detrimental to the health.

    Answer by hypermamaz at 9:51 AM on Nov. 10, 2009

  • I always check temperature before giving medicine. There are times when my kids will feel warm but their temp is normal. Sorry I agree with your husband.

    Answer by grooveybabe004 at 11:54 AM on Nov. 10, 2009

  • As another poster said, a fever is not a bad thing. A fever is the body's way of fighting an infection. We do not treat a fever unless it's high (something that can be rounded up to 101 or higher)or if it's clear the child is completely miserable. I prefer to check their temp before I give them anything other than a luke-warm bath.

    A fever, a cough, and the like -- these are things we try to treat as symptoms but they are also the body's way of fighting the infection. You want to help your child (or yourself!) not feel so cruddy BUT you don't want to stifle the body's ability to do it's job. If my kid feels warm but is not lethargic or "burning up" I skip the meds.

    Answer by ldmrmom at 2:56 PM on Nov. 10, 2009

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