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Weird breathing

I have been a mommy for a total of 6 days and do not know if I am being an overly concerned new parent or if I have something to worry about.

Normally, I wouldn't post a question like this on a message board but I have already seen my baby's pediatrician.

My baby, Jacob, does this weird breathing thing where it looks like he's swallowing over and over again and it seems like he's unable to catch his breath. Finally, when he catches his breath he seems to be gasping, sometimes even wheezing. This only lasts for a few seconds, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter than others.

When we took Jacob in for his first doctor's visit this past Monday he happened to do it in front of the pediatrician, so the doctor was able to see it first hand. He said it looked like Jacob has reflux. Later that day when we got home Jacob did it again but it seemed to last longer than usual, which really freaked my hubby and I out. We c

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Asked by Munchkin09 at 2:19 AM on Nov. 13, 2009 in General Parenting

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Answers (2)
  • It might be nothing, I think it's good that it happend at the pediatricians office so he/she saw it first hand.If you are still nervous you can go back in.Or call the nurse on duty and get their appinion on it too.You can never get to many of those(o.k. you can) but whatever you need to do thats what you should do, welcome to parenthood.I'm sorry your so freeked out, I hope it all gets figured out for all of you.Like I said it might just be baby getting used to breething.I'd follow your instincts.God bless your family.

    Answer by Stefono at 8:18 AM on Nov. 13, 2009

  • He might have a form of reflux called silent reflux. If he keeps doing it I would definitely talk to the doc about investigating it. Sometimes it is triggered by something in your diet if you bf or milk based formula. I had to eliminate all dairy from my diet with my boys, but then again they had the projectile spitting, screaming their heads off kind of reflux. In the meantime, elevate him slightly in his bed (we put a book under one end of the bassinet mattress) and try to keep him upright as possible for about 20 minutes after a feeding (except the middle of the night.) I hope this clears up quickly.

    Answer by balagan_imma at 12:37 PM on Nov. 13, 2009

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