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Do I still call it breast feeding?

Okay so mu dd is 10 weeks old and I pump 6 times a day get 10 oz or more in less than 15 mins. I pump beacuse my milk lets down so fast she sputters and chokes and gags so with all the help i could handle from lactation consultants our peds doc ect the best way for her to eat is Breast milk from a bottle. Do I still get the credit for Breast feeding?


Asked by ALDmama at 1:55 AM on Nov. 14, 2009 in General Parenting

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Answers (38)
  • I pumped exclusively for 13 months. I better get credit for something because that was a lot of hard work! I cried when I made that decision, but it was the best decision for my family. Who cares what other people think. My husband was proud of me for doing it and sticking with it for so long. If I have BFing issues again with this baby (due in Feb.), I've got my pump ready to go. If you have any questions on EP, feel free to PM me.

    Answer by Journey311 at 1:47 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • Is she getting breast milk? Yes, so you are breast feeding.

    Do you need credit though? I think you know you are doing what is right for you and your daughter. Does the LC and doctor think that maybe when she gets older she'll be able to handle it if she will take the breast over the bottle again? I'm sure they are right... I've just never heard of this issue before.

    Answer by kfroz0415 at 2:01 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • You TOTALLY still get credit for breastfeeding! Way to go!

    Your doc gave you bad advice, though. The best thing to do is not to introduce a bottle. Bottles are really hard to get rid of once you start down that path, and chances are you won't be able to produce this well for the pump forever. A good alternative is to take the baby off the breast for your most forceful letdowns and catch the milk in a recieving blanket or nursing pad. Then re-latch her and let her finish nursing. It makes sure that she gets some hindmilk too, which is important, and it keeps her from becomming nipple confused, which will cause lots of problems on down the road.

    Answer by Ati_13 at 2:05 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • YES... and then some cuz pumping is a pain in the butt lol!

    Answer by Blueliner at 3:05 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • It's so sad that women think they need "credit" for something like this. But then, I also know there are some on this site who will say you don't get it because you're feeding with a bottle and therefore still not doing the best for the baby. THey will come on here and give you more suggestions to keep her at the breast as already posted.

    I know someone who pumped VERY WELL for over a year. You should be fine. You get more "credit" in my book because pumping takes time and more effort.

    Bottles are not that hard to get rid of. When the baby is old enough to sit up well, switch to sippy cups. Once she will take the cup, just stop giving the bottle. It's not hard, and when she's only about 6 months old, she won't care about the bottle. There is nothing that says breastmilk (or formula for that matter for other mothers) HAS to be in a bottle.

    You're doing great!

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:03 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • She is getting all the benifits of your breastmilk and that's awesome! Nothing wrong with pumping.

    I'm sure you heard all this from your lactation consultant, but I thought it might be helpful to know
    that it's pretty normal in the beginning to have over supply. Generally, if you're baby is determining when and how much to eat, breastmilk production levels out by about 12 weeks. So that means that production more closely matches demand and that can help with fast letdown.

    Also, the side lying position is sometimes easier for baby if you have a forceful letdown. Once they're older infants are better able to handle the flow of milk as well.

    I don't know if you plan to re-introduce breastfeeding or continue pumping, but if you plan to go back to nursing there is a technique called block nursing, which decreses supply. Basically, you just feed on one side for two feedings in a row before switching to the other sid

    Answer by EmilyandIsaac at 7:42 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • of course it is still breast feeding.. although pumping may not keep up your supply like putting baby to breast.. you my try pumping a few ounces first then letting the baby nurse, that should cause the milk not to come out so fast.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:26 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • NO. Breastfeeding uses different muscles and requires more coordination. You are bottle feeding with breast milk. Still better than bottle feeding with crap in a can. I think you should find a new LC because that is total bullshit.


    Answer by MoonLover06 at 8:34 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • heck ya pumpin is hard work, i did it for a month and a half i quit because i dried up and he was already 10lbs at 6 weeks old he was a hungry lil fella. but yes you are givin him bm you are BF. stfu moonlover you are not a know it all............

    Answer by sweet.lil.mama at 8:40 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • Cut and paste the following link to get a wealth of information from a wonderful group of breastfeeding women past and present!!!

    Answer by slvrspoon98 at 8:43 AM on Nov. 14, 2009