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Bishop arrested for ringing bells

This is an old story, I saw it some time ago in the paper but it was brought to attention online again recently. What do you think?
The short of the story is that a church was built in a residential area in Phoenix AZ & began ringing their bells like many churches do, on the hour & half-hour & at special events. Neighbors complained & the Bishop was arrested & found guilty. A local news station tested the noise & it only registered as loud as traffic (or less). The Bishop was found guilty. The last I remember reading about it was that the church was offering a compromise (cutting out the half-hour bells) but some residents still objected.There are several biased versions of the story but here is a link to a legitimate news outlet (though how unbiased I can't say).

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Asked by nysa00 at 11:44 AM on Nov. 14, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • I think this is crap. What did people expect when a large church was built? I work in the downtown of a small town, there are 4 churches within a few blocks of us that ring bells regularly, at times it seems irritating, but I have always thought it was within their rights. They feel it is part of their religious expression & I don't see how the church could be guilty creating an "an unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise." if the decibles are not excessive.

    Answer by nysa00 at 11:45 AM on Nov. 14, 2009


    Here is another link about a lawsuit that came about as a result of the arrest & other complaints against other churches. They especially object to the fact that there is an exemption for the noise of ice cream trucks, but their religious worship can't get an exemption.


    Answer by nysa00 at 11:58 AM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • Some residents said the noise held them captive in their homes...WHAT? WHAT? That doesn't even begin to make sense to me. Right up the road from me there's an intersection with 4 Churches on each corner and I can think of 4 more in my town right off the top of my head, if I actually counted I know there's several more. Some of them have bells that chime the hour every hour, I couldn't tell you which one or how many of them even because I have just gotten used to hearing them. The only time I notice them really is when I'm driving or walking right by when they sound. The house I grew up in is right next door to a church too. I've always thought they were pretty, never bothered me. Maybe it was a little much to do the half hour, but just ask them to stop that. I could see if it was really LOUD but not if it's not even as loud as the traffic, and again, ask if they could ring them quieter. This is just really stupid to me.

    Answer by whittear at 12:03 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • It seems like some people just have to have something to b***h about! I'm a Pagan, and I like hearing church bells. If they don't bother ME, why on earth would the bells bother their fellow Christians? Bells were originally rung by medieval churches to supposedly "dispel lingering evil spirits" that were not wanted in the vicinity of the church where vulnerable newborns were brought to be baptized and the recently dead were taken for funeral purposes. etc.

    Answer by pagan_mama at 12:35 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • I love church bells! And that is ridiculous that they would arrest the Bishop people have nothing better to do with their lives?


    Answer by iLove.nml at 12:46 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • Let me stand outside your house and blow an air horn in your window on the hour & half-hour all freaken day long and see how long it takes you to complain to the cops. NO ONE should have to live under those conditions!!

     Imagine being home sick or working second/third shift and your just trying to get a nights sleep and that was going one all the time!! Or, you a just had a baby and had been up all night and then the bells just don't let you have any peace!! Or, you just want your one year old to take a nap and they can't .... wake up people that is a classic case of disterbing the peace.... church or not!!!!


    Answer by Anonymous at 1:31 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • I like church bells too but that is a bit excessive. I couldn't imagine trying to sell your house with that going on. Property values in that neighborhood must have taken a nose dive. No church should be dictating when you are allowed to sleep. Talk about being rude and inconsiderate. Sounds like they are not interested in loving thy neighbor.


    Answer by Morgain at 1:41 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • The church stopped the bells at 8pm. When the complaints were made they stopped ringing the bells on the half-hour too. And the bells were tested by the newschannel & found to be significantly quieter than an air-horn outside your door. If the bells had been make to be amplified or rang through the night I would see the complaints, but they weren't.

    Answer by nysa00 at 1:54 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • I take it there's no active train tracks in that town? It doesn't matter what the noise is - airplanes, trains, church bells, factory whistles. You adapt and tune them out - even your sleeping baby, most of whom will sleep through a barking dog and a vacuum if their overprotective mothers would just let them.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 2:09 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

  • Well i guess the law was on the peoples side if the dud got arrested got it!


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:13 PM on Nov. 14, 2009

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