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Gestational Diabetes and Diet

I just found out from the doctor that I have gestational diabetes. They want to maintain it with diet modification. What are some things I should be steering away from? I know processed and refined sugars (no sweets for me ) but do I have to cut down or cut out bread? How about starchy foods like potatoes? Should I not be eating fruit at all? He didnt explain much, but I have to go in tomorrow to a Pharmacy to learn how to use my meter. Any help would be appreciated.

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Asked by swimmachic23 at 11:10 AM on Nov. 17, 2009 in Health

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  • Tell your doctor you need a referral to a dietitian.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:12 AM on Nov. 17, 2009

  • You will be able to eat fruit, but in moderation. You will have to cut down on portions of grains including breads and pastas but you will be able to eat them. I had gestational diabetes with 3 of my previous pregnancies and found that I could eat VERY few carbs and no fruits in the mornings, but in the afternoons I could have some and then for supper I had to make sure I had a lot - just the way my body reacts to sugars, although it is more common to eat less carbs in the morning, more in the afternoon.
    When you get your meter to check your blood sugars, you will be able to try some different combos of foods and see how your body handles them. They should give you a "guide" to get you started on how many carbs at each meal and snack, and what constitutes a serving of carbs (generally it's 15 grams, so you can check your bread). You can also look up online how many carbs are in say, potatoes or rice, etc.
    Good luck!

    Answer by missanc at 11:23 AM on Nov. 17, 2009

  • But it's not so bad - following the diet I didn't gain any unnecessary weight, so there was less to lose after the baby(ies) were born and with all the snacks it requires I felt like I was eating ALL the time! If you have any questions, please ask!

    Answer by missanc at 11:26 AM on Nov. 17, 2009

  • It's a very specific diet. You need to talk to someone so they can explain it to you.

    Answer by mompam at 11:34 AM on Nov. 17, 2009

  • You doctor should have referred you to a Certified Diabetes Educator, preferably one who works with pregnant women. If you are in Chicago, contact me and I will get you in touch with a great CDE, who is also a nurse/midwife.

    Answer by rkoloms at 12:09 PM on Nov. 17, 2009

  • I agree with the above post get your Dr to referred you to a certified Diabetes educator she will teach you so much of what you need to know. Buy a calorie king book it has the card for almost anything you can think of. Allow your self 31 crabs for your meal and 15 crabs for your snack between meals. May should you walk or do so other exercise for at least 30 minutes. For same ideas for meals go to the D -Life website or one touch members website . For a easy pick rub your hands together for a few minutes or put them under warm water. It will get the blood flood really good. Also get a empty pop bottom to put your picks in.

    Answer by Alieda at 12:41 PM on Nov. 17, 2009

  • Chances are you won't be able to control it just through diet...especially if theya re not referring you to a specialist. I had someone that came out and went throught everything with me. And even though I did my best to follow the diet, I still needed to take glyburide before bed because my fasting sugars where high. For the last week of my pregnancy I also had to take one in the morning. It is harder to maintain through just diet the further along you get. Insist that they refer you to a diabetic specialist.

    Answer by pampal1116 at 2:27 PM on Nov. 17, 2009

  • I had gestational diabetes with two pregnancies. With my son, I took insulin and stopped eating sugar. With my daughter I refused insulin and modified my diet allowing 60-100 carbs. I ate no flour products and no sugars. I ate only fruits and veggies as my carbs. My husband was on the Atkins diet at this time, I did almost the same, but I did NOT go into ketosis. I weighed 202 when I got pregnant and 170 when I had her. I felt AWESOME. She is the HEALTHIEST kid I have.
    Talk to your doctor about carb counting. :) IT is really worthy it. :)

    Answer by SusieD250 at 7:59 PM on Nov. 17, 2009

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