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Should I take her to another Dr?

My daughter gets sick with really bad diarrhea. Like REALLY bad! I have to change her almost every 15 minutes and she gets this horrible diaper rash that breaks open and bleeds when I wipe her. I've started to just put her bottom under the bath faucet because I don't want to hurt her wiping. It hurts her to pee even and when she does she starts to scream. It happens every month and lasts about 2-3 days usually. She drinks a whole bunch and we give her even more when this happens so she is definitely not dehydrated.

I've brought her into the Dr twice about it and they wont do anything! They said I just have to keep her hydrated and put her on the B.R.A.T. diet. They gave me a prescription for medicated diaper rash medicine and that's it. They said she was preemie so it's normal for her to get sick often, but there is no way this can be normal!

Has anybody elses kids had problems like this? Should I take her to see a different Dr or is this guy right?


Asked by kikijacobson at 8:18 PM on Jun. 24, 2008 in Health

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Answers (11)
  • What is she drinking is my first question? That may be the culprit. Too much Juice???..I feel sooo bad for that poor little baby. If you feel that you are not being heard or taken seriously...don't even hesitate to take her to another doctor. There are good and bad doctors just like any other profession. Do what is best for her. My heart goes out to ya.

    Answer by MommasCooCoo at 10:53 PM on Jun. 24, 2008

  • Is there anything different that you're giving her to eat or drink durring those times? I had a similar problem with my daughter (massive diahrreah) and realized it was when she drank apple juice. Since taking away the apple juice she's been fine. Some kids are just really sensitive to certain foods/drinks.

    If that's not the case and the doctor still isn't doing anything then I would try to get a second opinion. What you're describing is not normal.

    Answer by amethystrse at 8:46 PM on Jun. 24, 2008

  • My kids had the same reaction to apple juice but NOT applesauce. Try the process of elimination or write down EVERYTHING you feed her liquids and all and when she gets the BAD diarrhea again look at your list to see what you gave her in the previous 24 hours! Eliminate what you think caused and and keep logging what you give her. It could just be a food allergy.

    Answer by vbruno at 9:11 PM on Jun. 24, 2008

  • I don't think you should take her to another Dr. My Dr. tells me the same thing. There just isn't anything they can do for it but let it runs it's course.

    As for the butt thing, my daughters get that way too, and the best thing I have ever found is Dr. Smith's. It works better than that butt paste stuff. You can get it at Wal-greens. Put it on even when she has only peed to help coat the skin for the next time she poops.

    Answer by Blaines_wife at 9:20 PM on Jun. 24, 2008

  • Keep a record of what you are giving her to eat so when it hits you may find a common denominator. As far as the toosh, I would use diaper rash cream but then liberally coat with vaseline to prevent the skin from getting touched by diarreah or urine. Poor baby and mama! Hope that helps.

    Answer by manna1qd at 9:45 PM on Jun. 24, 2008

  • Does this episode happen the same time each month? My suggestion is to really pay close attention to what she is eating. Like yeast.. and yeast is in just about everything.. read the labels.. And yes take her to another Dr... there must be an underlying issure.. but there is an old wives tale... and I have used this on my own children and it does work.. but take a cup of flour and brown it in a skillet...don't add anything to the pan..only flour.. continously stir untill it becomes a nice rich brown color.. be careful not to burn it.. and use this like a talcum powder... worked for me... good luck!

    Answer by annie91c2000 at 9:47 PM on Jun. 24, 2008

  • My kids do this when they get too much milk or someone who does not water down their juice keeps them. I agree with everyone who says to keep a food diary of everything she eats as it could be food related.

    Answer by ma2calebzoeyeli at 10:31 PM on Jun. 24, 2008

  • personally i think for piece of mind if nothing else you should go check with a doctor so you feel you've done all that you could and i hope it clears up soon and good luck

    Answer by vidasmama at 11:33 PM on Jun. 24, 2008

  • Food allergies are common. Keep in mind or write down a journal for a few months to see what's going on that's "common" food wise.

    Answer by bablondie at 12:55 AM on Jun. 25, 2008

  • Try to go to a naturopathic doctor if you get another opinion. They often look at the bigger picture, including diet. She is 19 months, yes? During a couple of bad episodes like that with my kids, I'd let them be naked in the house so they could air out and not get further irritated from contact. I had old shower curtains on the floor so I could clean up easily.

    Also, some fruit can do that too - my kids get diahhrea from eating a lot of grapes and strawberries.

    Answer by Trinjo at 9:14 AM on Jun. 25, 2008