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Cats and pregnancy?

How is a pregnancy for a cat? I think my kitty is pregnant :)

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:36 PM on Nov. 20, 2009 in Pets

Answers (7)
  • Hmm I always knew my cats were pregnant when their bellys got really hard. With a few of my cats growing up you could even feel the kittens moving around in there. :) it was pretty cool. Also you can take her to the vet and they can tell you for sure. Ooh her nipples will begin to buldge is another way to tell.

    Answer by firethearson at 3:44 PM on Nov. 20, 2009

  • Feed her all she will eat at first and after about 30 days since she got out, (halfway through the pregnancy) gradually start mixing more and more kitten chow in her regular food till she is eating mostly kitten chow. It's more nutritious. Fix her a nice quiet nesting box in a dimly lighted room away from the hustle and bustle of the household. Put her in there several times a day. But don't have too much faith that she will have the kittens there, you can only hope. Just pretty much follow her regular routine, being sure to keep her inside so she isn't involved in cat fights or other hazards while she is bulkier and can't move as fast. Don't let your kids manhandle her if they are used to doing so. unless she is unusual she wil take care of herself and the kittens just fine, but do keep an eye on her (discreetly) when she goes into labor in case she does need veterinary help. Most cats do just fine with no help from us.

    Answer by pagan_mama at 3:48 PM on Nov. 20, 2009

  • Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you wanted to know how to TELL if your kitty is expecting, I thought you wanted to know what to do if she IS pregnant. Firethearson is right, but she probably is...

    Answer by pagan_mama at 3:50 PM on Nov. 20, 2009

  • When my cat got preggo I was not thrilled. But she did fine, we feed her kitten food. She blew up like a balloon. After a while she tried giving birth on me. I trapped her in a closet, when she started howling I went in. She would howl if I wasn't touching her until the last kitten was born. She cleaned up the mess and the kittens. She was a great mom and was fixed after we gave the kittens away.


    Answer by DevilInPigtails at 3:52 PM on Nov. 20, 2009

  • 63-69 days

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:32 PM on Nov. 20, 2009

  • Their sides start to kind of puff out. I had a few pregnant foster kitties. Two of them were great all around pregnancies and they were attentive. The third...she was so young when she came to me, that we didn't think pregnancy, we thought worms. The vet confirmed the pregnancy though. We had to help her a lot. One kitten still had his sack and we had to remove it while on the phone with the vet. Then she decided that she was going to stop feeding the one...she peed on the other three constantly, she would leave her crate for hours and not return unless we put her in there. She didn't readily nurse either. When we noticed the kittens weren't growing we started bottle feeding.

    Answer by OneToughMami at 6:02 AM on Nov. 21, 2009

  • You should take her to the vet for an exam. If they cant tell for sure they can do an xray to see. I would suggest that if this litter was unplanned (which by the sound of it it was) once she has the kittens and can be spayed you should do it. IMO, if you don't know how to tell if your cat is pregnant, you should not be having kittens..

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:53 PM on Nov. 23, 2009

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