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how did you house train your new puppy?

everytime my puppy wakes up i put him on a puppy pad and he pees :). and i try to watch him so when he poops, i can catch him and put him on the puppy pad, but it doesn't work everytime :(. but he will not go to the pad on his own...any help?

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Asked by EheartsZ07 at 12:44 PM on Nov. 24, 2009 in Pets

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  • If you train him on a puppy pad, you'll have to then train him outside. Why not just train him outside now? Take him out every hour, and praise like it's his birthday when he goes. If he plays/eats, take him out within 10 minutes.

    Answer by EireLass at 12:47 PM on Nov. 24, 2009

  • Don't use puppy pads, you're only training him to go inside. Start taking him out at least every hour. Start a routine that he understands like setting him at the door and say lets go potty, do you need to go potty, etc. Then leash him and take him outside. You're going to have let him walk around for 5-10min. until he pees, then praise him with lots of love and excitement. Do keep in mind that even though they catch on to peeing outside quite quickly there will be accidents so try not to get to mad when it happens. Just when you think you have your dog trained and they're doing so well they will have an accident or ruin something. It will be about 8months-a year before your dog will be completely accident free.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:54 PM on Nov. 24, 2009

  • well i was wanting to train this puppy on a pad bc it is getting cold and it will be harder to train him to go outside. i trained my older dog to go outside and it was really easy, he goes to the door everytime he has to go, but he hates the cold so i figured this one will too and it will jus be easier to use a pad. but thanks!!

    Answer by EheartsZ07 at 1:04 PM on Nov. 24, 2009

  • Get rid of the puppy pad they will cause you problems down the road. What you need to do is get this puppy on a schedule. Take the puppy to the same spot outside evertime and when he goes give him a reward and plenty of praise. You need to take him out 10-15 minututes after he eats, drinks or plays. Do not leave him in a room unattended if you have to use a least and tie him to you. YOu should also think about crate training.

    Answer by KyliesMom5 at 3:11 PM on Nov. 24, 2009

  • I kept the puppy in a crate during the night, and first thing in the morning I took him outside to pee, then he ate breakfast while I managed to use the bathroom myself, brush my teeth, get a cup of coffee and get dressed. Then I kept the puppy on a long leash fastened to the belt loop of my jeans all day, and remebered to take him outside right after he ate and immediately after he woke up from a nap, when he stopped playing, etc. And if he wasn't doing any of those things, we went out every hour. Take him outside a lot, and praise him like he won the lottery every time he actually does go potty outside. Don't scold him for mistakes, because unless you catch him RIGHT IN THE ACT, he will have no idea why you are angry at him. And for God's sake DON'T EVER , EVER, EVER RUB HIS NOSE IN HIS MESS.

    Answer by pagan_mama at 5:03 PM on Nov. 24, 2009

  • I agree with the above posters. Take him outside frequently and leash him to you while you are at home....I crate pups when I am not at home. Once he has heard you praise him highly over and over when he uses the potty outside, he will get the idea that this is something that pleases you. They really want to please us. Also agree with the never never never rubbing his nose in his own mess. The best thing is to get him on a good schedule and as said before, praise him like he won the lottery every time that he uses the potty outside.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:11 PM on Nov. 24, 2009

  • I agree with the other posters. Don't use pee pads; take him out after eating, sleeping, or playing; keep him in sight and take him out if he starts sniffing around; do not rub his nose in it if he does have an accident; take him out first thing in the morning and just before bed; use a crate.

    About the crate though - the puppy should be in the crate any time you are unable to keep an eye on him. The crate should only be big enough for the puppy to turn around and lay down in. Get a crate that will grow with the puppy or get several crates for growth. Do not get a crate that he can "grow into". If the crate is too big, the puppy can eliminate on one end and sleep in another and makes crate training as an aid to house training ineffective.

    Answer by Tuzyae at 2:09 AM on Nov. 25, 2009

  • IMO - (#1) there should be no need for a crate...
    how sad is it to lock your dog into a cage?? If you have to do that (for whatever reason) you have NO buisness owning a dog period << anyone can challenge me on this statement (im all for it) lol
    (#2) if you like using the pads, then use them... but a good idea is to get the dog onto a schedule on going outside every 2hrs
    & when u c him go outside (PRAISE THE DOG!)

    (#3) Id highly reccomend scolding the dog when they go potty anywhere but where you'r ok with. (such as outside)
    its just like raising a kid, they need to learn to come get you to tell you they have to go. for dogs, how are they supposed to learn its NOT OK to go potty in the house ??

    personally, if you like living in filth then let the damnn dog pee/poop inside &dont say a word everysingle time (i admire ur patience)
    but, the best advice i can give =schedule & scolding when done in house


    Answer by KalieGirl at 8:17 PM on Nov. 28, 2009

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