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okay ladies, this is going to be extremely too much information but I really need answers!

My daughter is almost 9 weeks old, I got on BC when she was 6 weeks I've been on BC for nearly 3 weeks.

I'm on Yaz, it says in the pamphlet that you only need backup birth control (i.e. condoms) for the first week. We are still using condoms anyway because 1. I was on Bactrim (antibiotic) for the first week and 2. I am scared to death to get pregnant again...we are barely making it by financially with the one baby because we are dealing with some legal matters and it's costing an arm and a leg.

Well...last night we had sex and afterward the condom was extra slimy (figured it was my had been 4 days since we'd done anything and I thought I must have produced more fluid than usual.) We check to see if it broke, it didn't. I went and cleaned myself thoroughly and then went to bed.

More coming...

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:09 AM on Nov. 27, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • CONT.

    Woke up this morning and I smell like know? Like when a guy doesn't clean himself after masturbating or having sex? It smells fishy and semen!

    This is freaking me out so much, I'm scared that something went wrong with the condom and maybe semen came out the sides...the only reason the smell worries me is because I cleaned so well afterward and wouldn't think it'd be my own fluids that I'm smelling.

    Do you think I should be overly concerned? I know I'm probably just being paranoid but I can't help it!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:13 AM on Nov. 27, 2009

  • You did just recently have a baby, and it could be your own fluids. A woman's body changes all the time.

    I would hold off a few weeks on the sex to let the BC pills get to working. Maybe try a different brand condom, or just please each other orally for now, so there will not be any worry over getting pregnant.

    Hope it goes well!

    I had my tubes tied 5 years ago and worry that it did not take! But then I'm not dating and when I was, I doubled up the condoms! I'm a bit overweight, and over 45 so going thru the change and thyroid trouble *no sex drive here for me!* I am in no rush for sex! LOL

    Good luck hun!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:27 AM on Nov. 27, 2009

  • especially with you just giving birth from experience your juices smell a little more strong. It might be his or it might be yours. I would call your ob/gyn and take a preggo test just to make sure but I wouldnt panic to much. Good luck!

    Answer by Merediths_Mommy at 8:52 PM on Nov. 27, 2009

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