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Asked by Hesmynavyman at 10:32 PM on Nov. 30, 2009 in Holidays

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  • I got my husband (well, he paid for it) a 1200 dollar laptop. ...yep. ...but he deserves it. he rarely ever buys things for himself and i handle all the finances so he usually gets an "allowance" to spend. It has to be that way or he'll spend WAY too much money (on me mostly) and he just got finished with a tour in Iraq and the laptop he has has failed him more time then i can count. It's basically trash. the only thing he can do with it is voice IM me and surf the net. no game playing or anything.

    Answer by outstandingLove at 10:40 PM on Nov. 30, 2009

  • A big pile of hot steaming shit if his lucky


    Answer by Anonymous at 10:57 PM on Nov. 30, 2009

  • I got him a chrome lighter that's engraved. It has his initials on the lid, then on the front it says "It Started With a Spark" and on the back it says "I love you". It's our first Christmas together, so I wanted to get him something special that would really stand out as an awesome memory of the first gift I ever gave him.

    Answer by tropicalmama at 10:58 PM on Nov. 30, 2009

  • I'm either giving my dh a blue ray player or this 400 disk cd holder / changer thing that he likes. Though the problem with that is he has about 600 - 700 cds, so I would have to get two of them, and that's more than I want to spend.

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 11:07 PM on Nov. 30, 2009

  • Well, my hubby is very practical, and we aren't rich. Haha.. so no laptop!! But, he brings his lunch to work and usually brown bags it, but I thought a lunch box would be nice. If it was more his personality, I would totally get a tin Batman lunchbox with a thermos, but again, a VERY "practical" person... :)

    Answer by missbreezy214 at 11:09 PM on Nov. 30, 2009

  • My husband and I don't exchange gifts and Christmas. Money is tight since we have had the kids and I quit work to be a stay at home mom. We use all of our resources to live smart and anything that is left over around Christmas time is spent on our children and neices and nephews. My husband and I do exchange cards. We put a lot of time and thought into our cards and choose one that really says what's in our hearts. If we can't find a card that says it quite right, then we right a letter.

    Many people do not remember what their spouses bought them for Christmas last year, but my husband and I have a box full of loving cards a letters that we've exchanged over the past 11 years.

    Answer by ThrivingMom at 11:28 PM on Nov. 30, 2009

  • That's really sweet and unique ThrivingMom.
    If i DH wasn't military that would probably really appeal to me. ...but we have tons of letters to and from each other.
    My first year with DH he bought me a trip to Korea. who can forget that? lol And last year i got an early Christmas gift (in October) which included a trip to Germany. ...again. ...unforgettable. lol

    ...we aren't rich either. i'm a SAHM and he's only a SPC in the Army. ...We do save a lot of money. We bought his laptop with the extra money we got from returning from Iraq. And i live a fairly green lifestyle so we save a lot of money on household cleaners and personal hygiene products. ...just saying. i'm not rich. and now that his tour is over we will really be penny pinching.

    Answer by outstandingLove at 1:24 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • Me in a sexy Mrs. Clause outfit. LOL

    Answer by NikelodeonPlse at 1:32 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • I got him a Wii. We always buy each other gifts on Christmas and we both remember what the other one bought for each Christmas. This year I asked for a really nice 12'' skillet ($40) and a nice big heavy stockpot ($60). I cook all the time and I really love high quality stuff for my kitchen . . . so my way of being more practical is just asking for that stuff for Christmas rather than jewelry again when I will still want these items. He wanted the Wii last year, but I couldn't get one because they were sold out everywhere . . . so he will finally get his Wii . . . something we will both enjoy . .. kinda like my pot and pan . . . he will get some enjoyment from what I make in them!

    Answer by BridgetC140 at 2:04 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • We also exchange a lot of letters, cards, and emails when he's gone, which, sadly, has been a lot over the yrs, and we don't spend a lot on ourselves throughout the yr, we're usually pretty thrifty, so I don't mind sort of "splurging" and getting him something that he really likes or wants but wouldn't normally buy for himself.

    Some years we can't afford to splurge as much as other yrs. Plus, we're lucky that we can shop for "big ticket" items at the exchange, so we don't have to pay sales taxes on it, which can add up...

    Plus, we don't drink very much or smoke (not a slam on people who do, just not an expense we have), and I'm pretty thrifty with our budget (coupon clipping, etc), and, because we're overseas, we don't have the option of some things that we have in the States, so no expense there (like, for example, cable tv...), so we're able to afford to spend a little more on each other this year.


    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 2:18 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

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