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Does this make sense? (child support)

When a child turns 18 in some cases that is the end on child support. but in our case we are alittle behind therefore we will be paying alittle over their 18th b/day.
well the other day we were talking to my sd and she said she wants to move out and be on her own she wants to know since we owe her mom money to help support her can we just give her (my sd) the money (which makes sense to us but I don't know) anyway she said she was going to talk to her mom later in life about
But really how does that work I know we owe the mom but since my sd is an adult soon and that money is for her support How would that work?

Anyone experience this? Either way we have to

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:45 AM on Dec. 1, 2009 in Just for Fun

Answers (7)
  • It's for past due support for the child, which was paid by the mother. The money is owed to the mother. If she wishes to give the money to the child that's her business, but the money must be paid to the party which it is owed.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:49 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • yes you pay to the mother, the court will not order it to go to the daughter. like PP said if she chooses to give her the money that her choice between her and her daughter.

    Answer by DomoniqueWS at 10:53 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • i ahve to agree with anon 1049.. even though i would rather give to the child because it is for her but if u give to sd and bm complaines u might have to give her money anyways and thats just more out of your pocket. so talk to bm and if she agrees its ok then get a written note saying she agrees and sign and date it. along with sd's signature. its a tough one and i wish u best of luck on this...

    Answer by tabbys4 at 10:56 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • No, the child support would still be the mothers to spend as she saw fit. If the daughter failed at living on her own, the mother would have to allow her to move back in. The mother couldn't chose to sell her house and move to a vacation spot, because she has a legal responsibility to provide for her.
    To put it in perspective, if the daughter went to court and became legally emancipated the parents don't pay her child support because her emancipation means that she is legally an adult and responsible for herself.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:59 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • Yep. It's due to the mother for expenses already paid by her in raising the SD. If you give it to your SD the mother can take you to court and you will still have to pay her. You can't transfer a child support debt to a third party, no matter who that person is.

    Answer by deadheadjen at 11:01 AM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • Child support is for the support of the children. It is to suplement the wages that would have been in the home had the parents not seperated. The money goes to the custodial parent not the child directly. I think it is pretty ballsy of your SD to ask you for money. If you are behind, then the money still goes to the custodial parent, as he/she has been supporting the child regardless if they were getting child support or not. If your SD wants to move out, tell her welcome to the real world. Adults don't get support so they can live on their own...why should she? Its called accountability and getting a job, or at least an education.

    Answer by salexander at 12:00 PM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • The money goes to the mom, not the daughter. It is up to the mom if she wants to give all, some, or none of it to her daughter. Child support was supposed to be paid to help cover the basic necessities of raising a child that she did not parent alone.
    We live in Virginia and my ex had to pay child support until my daughter graduated high school, even though she turned 18 eight months prior. New law, which I think is fair, since the 'child' is still a dependent.

    Answer by PrydferthMenyw at 1:08 PM on Dec. 1, 2009

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