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ARG Nighbours!

Alright I think that we should give everyone a fighting chance to prove themselves to be good folk. HOWEVER, my nighbours upstairs (I live in what I belive to be a quad plex ) are LOUD, VIOLENT and just damn right SCARY....
They harrass my S/O and I, the poor dude acrosss the "hall" from us and yell constinly...

So I was wondering, do any of you out there just DETEST your nighbours or do you adore them <3 I wish I could say the latter, but it might be nice to hear some stories!

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Asked by Nerdymama at 7:18 PM on Dec. 1, 2009 in Just for Fun

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  • i have had so many bad neighbores..first time i lived on first floor neighbor was second and had 5 kids all who were running screaming all all hours of the day and night. screaming in the hallways running up and down the front stairs stomping so badly ceiling fell down in my bedroom. i moved next neighbors..barking dog 24/7 and always fighting and screaming..even in the hallway by my front my newest place is a duplex the neighbors i had last ( they moved thankfuly ) never took there share of this place its our responsiblity to do lawn matnence and slow plowing.. we are to split everything guess who always got stuck with the we did everything and paid for it we did the mowing the weeding, rakeing, cleaning up THERE CIG BUTTS, there beer cans. we never got rembursed for anything plowing alone they owe us 140.00. thankfuly they moved now and right now we have no neighbors and i love it!

    Answer by tabbys4 at 7:36 PM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • I live in a 4 plex as well. And I love my neighbors. They are so sweet. The lady across from us will fold our laundry for us and bring it to us if its left in the dryer. Her and the woman above us will go on shopping trips to Omaha and bring back bags, big bags of clothes and stuff for my 6 mth old son. And the other woman that lives upstairs on the other side will bring down some great food and has volunteered many times to babysit for us. Dh and I are the youngest there and the only couple and they don't hesitate to tell us time and time again how glad they are that we moved in! I love the people in my building!

    Answer by bjw_053109 at 7:39 PM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • i hate having to hear other people and it has lead me to buy houses! even in a nice neighborhood you cant escape it completely, the old guy next door seems nicce to everyones face, then talks about people behind their backs, called my dh oriential... which is funny because he is half hillbilly and half persian...

    Answer by AmaliaD at 8:05 PM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • I love my neighbors....there are none. Its just us for a long ways.

    Answer by lstrickland at 10:00 PM on Dec. 1, 2009

  • ive lived in the same apartment complex for 10 years and have seen good and bad neighbors come and go....i honestly will say ive never had a REAL BAD neighbor...the most problems we have is parking spots and thats about it...the neighbor i have now is quite nice, but in the beginning it was a little scary cause her ex was abusive and we could hear it...luckily he got arrested and they arent together was hard explaining to my kids what they were hearing.

    Answer by blueeyedgrl2377 at 10:25 AM on Dec. 4, 2009

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