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Im 37 weeks pregnant. Im measuring 38wk 6days.. When im measuring 40 weeks but am only 38-39 weeks what will the doctor do? Induce me? or let me just go by myself?

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:04 AM on Dec. 5, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (7)
  • I was in the same situation. My son measured bigger than what they thought. My doctor wasnt concerned about it. They just monitor your blood pressure week to week, well at least mine did me. She was going to induce me at 39weeks bc of my bp, but my water broke three days prior to my scheduled inducing. As long as there are not any complications with you or baby, they may just let you go until you go on your own. Good luck and congrats...

    Answer by sleepless2009 at 2:16 AM on Dec. 5, 2009

  • I'm sure they will just let you go by yourself. Just because you're measuring big doesn't mean your baby is large you could just have extra of amniotic fluid. They never go by just those measurements.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:19 AM on Dec. 5, 2009

  • I measured big with my son from about 5 months on. My doctor thought for sure I would deliver early.....turns out I was nine days past due. They did monitor the baby at 7 days past due just to make sure he was doing ok in there, but other than that he planned on letting me go until the end of the 41st week. Hope that helps...good luck!

    Answer by khedy at 9:49 AM on Dec. 5, 2009

  • This last pregnancy I was always measuring 2 WEEKS AHEAD and they said, looks like another big baby. My other kids were 8lbs 3oz, 4 days late (boy), my second was 8lbs 7oz, 2 days early (girl) and they said she was measuring like 1- 1/2 weeks ahead. This last baby was 9 DAYS EARLY and ended up being 8lbs 12 oz the biggest but shortest, lol only 20 inches while the others were 22 and 22.8 inches long. Also this last baby didnt even feel that big like the other two, he felt like maybe 6-7lbs, not heavy which liked. So yeah ur baby could be big if it might run in ur family or u've had big babies.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:25 PM on Dec. 5, 2009

  • OH and im not a big person im a average size girl, always size 5 or so, and smaller after my first, lol. This is the anonymous with the last answer

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:26 PM on Dec. 5, 2009

  • alsoi they said theyd induce me at 39 weeks if I wanted and I ended up goin in labor the week before that

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:28 PM on Dec. 5, 2009

  • The doctor wont do anything. The measurements are estimates.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:11 AM on Dec. 6, 2009

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