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Does it ever get easier... my daughter died 7 months into the pregnancy and tmw she would 2 years old.

My heart is breaking


Asked by 31angelmommy3 at 7:41 PM on Dec. 6, 2009 in General Parenting

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Answers (10)
  • I don't think it ever gets easier my daughter will be gone 2 years on the 30th of December She was 16 years old and passed away in a housefire we are still devestasted from her loss.Everything changes with a loss of a child I keep going for my 4 sons because not only did I loose my only daughter they lost there only sister Her name is Savannah and she was and still is a blessing from God.I'll keep u and your family in my thoughts

    Answer by mom2fivekids579 at 1:27 AM on Dec. 7, 2009

  • I'm so sorry. I think it does get easier. My mom gave birth to a stillborn. She found out at 38 weeks that the baby had died, and had to carry her, knowing this, for another 2 weeks. Onastacia would be 28 years old now, and my mom said she still thinks aout her all the time, but that the pain does lessen over time. However, she said it never fully goes away. She was very much a part of you, and considering that part is gone, you're bound to feel like something is missing. I can't imagine how hard that must be...I don't even like to think about it. Just know that she's an angel now. I hope that somehow your pain lessens.

    Answer by StefanieN84 at 7:45 PM on Dec. 6, 2009

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain of a late pregnancy loss... I lost my first pregnancy at 11 weeks and although it has gotten easier, there is not a year that passes that I don't remember my baby's edd and think of how old she would be now. She would have been 8 late last October. Many ((HUGS)) coming your way, and I will remember your daughter along with you.

    Answer by Freela at 7:46 PM on Dec. 6, 2009

  • So sorry hon.We lost our daughter in utero at 34 weeks in 2000.I can't say it gets "better",it gets different.You learn to live with the knowledge of loss.My daughters day makes me feel really crappy every year,but I've had to learn to live with it.Unfortunately.We don't have much support regarding it,so I hope you do.I belong to a 3rd trimester loss group that you should join.We have all been able to help one another.My heart goes out to you.Feel free to friend me if you choose.

    Answer by TMJ121099 at 7:54 PM on Dec. 6, 2009

  • Yes, I had a miscarriage and the child would have been born in Feb. I think of that child every Feb. but it does get easier. For me finally having children is what helped the most. Hang in there, maybe do something special to celebrate her. My heart goes out to you.


    Answer by DevilInPigtails at 8:15 PM on Dec. 6, 2009

  • My husband and i decorated her grave really nice for christmas and we went to the salvation army for the adopt a bear program and adopted a lil girl around our daughters age. Things like that are easy to do but at the end of the day when i close my eyes to sleep i relive that day over and over. The aweful news that my baby dosent have a heartbeat. A part of me died that day. I had to give birth to a perfect lil angel. Oh lord this time of year sucks so bad

    Answer by 31angelmommy3 at 8:37 PM on Dec. 6, 2009

  • I dont think it really gets easier, i miscarried my first daughter at 19 weeks, she would have been 4 in november. I still think about her all the time and was terrified the whole time i was pregnant with my second daughter who is now 5 months. The best advice I can give is to do whatever feels right to you to grive and accept the loss, you will never forget her, but I believe our little angels wouldnt want us to spend the rest of our lives mourning them either.

    Answer by Allie_kat1 at 8:49 PM on Dec. 6, 2009

  • definitly easier said then done.


    Answer by 31angelmommy3 at 8:51 PM on Dec. 6, 2009

  • It does get easier, but you never forget. I lost a son at 22 weeks in 2000, so he would be 9 years old now. His edd was Christmas Day, so his actual birth/death day is a very sad day for me, and Christmas is also. Like another poster said, having another child really helped me. I think it helped fill part of that void . . . finally having a child to hold in your arms. There will always be a special place in my heart for him and when my daughter is older, I will tell her about him and show her his pics.

    Answer by BridgetC140 at 9:04 PM on Dec. 6, 2009

  • hugsMy grandmother said there is no worse pain than that of the loss of a child. I have no clue if it gets easier but I'm sending a hug. I have no words of wisdom so it's all I have to give.


    Answer by admckenzie at 10:33 PM on Dec. 6, 2009