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Date of conception question.

Is the date of conception the day you had sex or when the sperm met the egg since conception can take a few days being sperm can live inside you for several days following being with your partner.Can someone explain this only since my partner says this baby can't be his even though been with nobody else.Being he has kids before thinks he knows the female body and we must be all the same even though a due date is an estimate and can change anytime and all females have varied cycles so,hate to see if i delivered early/late and was considered full term what his logic will be.

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:17 PM on Dec. 10, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (14)
  • When the egg gets mixed with sperm

    Answer by Jan0609momma at 4:19 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • There are websites with charts and calculators that tell you the date of conception from your due date. Here is one:

    Answer by Gailll at 4:22 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • when sperm and egg meet. and the estimated date of conception given by a doctor or midwife is just an estimate :)

    Answer by Stefanie83 at 4:26 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • They will take the date of conception as the date you most likely ovulated (the almost always count it as the 14th day after your LMP because that is the average ovulation date) but this will be a VERY hard thing to explain to him because the egg is fertile for 3 days and the sperm can live for 4 days so TECHNICALLY you have a 7 day window to get pregnant.

    Go to this site and put in your LMP and your cycle length and show him that it is possible on any of those given days

    Answer by Jaydin_Makenna at 4:27 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • ***OP HERE***: See i went to several sites and each one gave a different answer including my due date since after all what is given i understand is an estimated window.Even with doctor care and tests they give it is a guideline so they know about when you should be having a specific test for as accurate results as possible.
    The last time i was with him was the 29th of October but he is like based off your information conception would of took place Halloween and we were not together.Could he be more of a big kid.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:32 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • He is probably scared... give him some time. When was your LMP?

    Answer by Jaydin_Makenna at 4:35 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • ***OP HERE AGAIN***Jaydin Makenna: My LMP was Ocotber 20th but my cycles are a bit irregular they can last between 24 to 26 days.Which is not a huge span but to someone that is thinking he is a know it all doctor(which he has no credited medical background) can be a bit much to get him to understand or hear you when he wants to find a reason to i guess, get out of things.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:45 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • So he thinks he isn't the father because he counted back from the due date? Does he have it written down exactly what days you and he had sex?

    Sorry, but if he can't trust you enough to think he is the father you are probably better off without him. Wait until the baby is born and have a DNA test done. Then sue his sorry @$$ for child support.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:52 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • What an ass. Of course you could have gotten pregnant on the 31st. I wouldn't argue it with him. I would wait until the baby is born, go to court, and ask for a paternity test.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:53 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

  • OP HERE:Yes he did state based off the other reasons,mentioned earlier and this information which was:We were together 27,28,29 that it can't be his.I guess his pregnancy with his ex must of been perfect for him to be so critical which is why they are still together,lol( sorry being a bit sarcastic) since she can't stand him but they deal for the kids sake.If i would of known sooner what a big kid he was than i would of never been with him.Well the courts will decide on custody,vists and so on once the DNA test comes in but such a shame since,if he had any care for me,he should suck it up or will miss out on stuff during this pregnancy he will never get back.Sad this man is a father with such an attitude.Wish would of known sooner how he was but i was blesses with a child so it will be ok regardless:)

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:02 PM on Dec. 10, 2009

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