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Why is "Pride" in any ethnicity so frowned on?

Out of blantant curiosity, just why is it that the display of such terms as "Black Pride" , "White Pride" , "Asian Pride" , or "Mexican Pride" automatically makes a person a target?

My BioFather has a Nazi flag hanging in his garage that can be seen from the road when the door is open. Not that my father is Nazi, or supports what they were ordered to do prior to WWII, but he appreciates the fact that
1.) It's a REAL, captured flag
2.) It's a symbol to represent our German descent

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Asked by matobe at 4:44 PM on Dec. 11, 2009 in Just for Fun

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  • Some people are not very excepting of different races. Me myself think its stupid we all bleed red and have the same organs. The color of someones skin is just that just a color.

    Answer by youngmom2004 at 4:48 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • Being too proud can be arrogant. It's one thing if the ethnic party has been oppressed, then they do need a lil pride to build them back up again to a good stature.

    But, for instance...Americans, and some other countries have it all. And some "proud" Americans take it to the next level & just sound arrogant & egotistical. Same goes for many other cultures who have it good. It's important though to be proud of your heritage, but it's another thing if your ego shoots through the roof & you feel better than everyone else because of your background.


    Answer by samurai_chica at 4:49 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • Because many people use the term 'pride' when they mean 'superiority.' I think too much separation into 'us' and 'them' can be harmful. As opposed to simply recognizing ourselves as all being human beings. My dh and I are from two different races. His brother is very much into 'living the Indian culture.' Because of this his brother has never warmed up to me and has missed having an active role in our life and in the lives of our three wonderful biracial kids. Because he cannot accept dh's right not to place the same level of importance on culture, we've not been able to have the relationship we might have had otherwise.

    As for your example, the Nazi flag is SUCH a loaded symbol. I honestly don't understand why your dad would choose this as a symbol of German pride. I understand the historical significance, but geez... just not a symbol I can understand being proud of or would feel right about displaying. JMO!

    Answer by Freela at 4:57 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • Do you think that just because someone is arrogant and egotistical about their race that they don't respect others' races or encourage them to support their own?

    Answer by matobe at 4:57 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • embarrassed      Well, understand too, my BF has spent 17 of the last 23 years in prison...


    Answer by matobe at 5:00 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • I'm German and that symbol DOES NOT represent anything positive! I think it's fine to take pride in your heritage but displaying something that REPRESENTS such a HORRIFIC time is wrong on so many levels.

    Answer by MrsLeftlane at 5:03 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • I'm not saying I approve, but my question was why is "Pride" in ANY ethnicity frowned upon?

    Answer by matobe at 5:04 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • pride  /praɪd/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [prahyd] Show IPA noun, verb, pridâ‹…ed, pridâ‹…ing.
    –noun 1. a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.
    2. the state or feeling of being proud.
    3. a becoming or dignified sense of what is due to oneself or one's position or character; self-respect; self-esteem.
    4. pleasure or satisfaction taken in something done by or belonging to oneself or believed to reflect credit upon oneself: civic pride.

    I think there is a huge difference between being full of self-respect and self-esteem and the kind of pride most people display when it comes to this subject. People with any ounce of class can be proud of his or her heritage in a way that does not take away or make small a fellow man. I think this is where the problem lies.

    Answer by salexander at 5:12 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • Pride goeth before a fall, and The Lord shall destroy the house of the prideful

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:13 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

  • to Anon 413: so you're saying all pride is bad?

    As in you won't be proud of your child and his/her achievement?

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:17 PM on Dec. 11, 2009

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