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Can being in the cold really make you sick???

SO and I keep having this argument. I say no, it takes germs and he says yes being in the cold can make you sick. What do you ladies think?

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:59 AM on Dec. 14, 2009 in General Parenting

Answers (35)
  • If you're exposed to the cold for a longer length of time your resistance will go down and you're more likely to get sick if you're exposed to germs.

    Answer by MrsLeftlane at 12:01 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

  • Sore throat maybe..but with a virus NO...going out with your pores open can give you pneumonia...but you get sick from germs not temperature....

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:02 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

  • only a virus gives you a cold..its an infection... the reason you catch a cold more often in winter is because you are stuck inside with other sick people who spread it around & the air is drier in winter & it dries out your mucous membranes so you are more likely to catch a virus since there isnt as much mucous in your linings to catch the bad stuff before it takes hold.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:04 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

  • going out with your "pores open" gives you pneumonia? LMAO! Your pores are always "open". Getting pneumonia has nothing to do with that.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:05 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

  • How do people "catch pneumonia"?

    Some cases of pneumonia are contracted by breathing in small droplets that contain the organisms that can cause pneumonia. These droplets get into the air when a person infected with these germs coughs or sneezes. In other cases, pneumonia is caused when bacteria or viruses that are normally present in the mouth, throat, or nose inadvertently enter the lung.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:08 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

  • The real question about colds is whether chilling the body hinders your immunity so that you can't kill the germs in your body, so the germs that you can normally control suddenly become pathogens and make you sick, because your immunity is suppressed by you being cold. That question has been answered many times. Chilling does not hinder your immunity as long as you aren't so cold that your body defenses are destroyed.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:09 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

  • in 1968, R.G. Douglas, Jr., wrote a paper entitled, "Exposure to Cold Environment and Rhinovirus and susceptibility to the Common Cold," in the New England Journal of Medicine. Inmates at a Texas prison had the cold virus placed directly into their noses. At varying times after their exposure to the viruses, they were exposed to extreme temperatures, with varying amounts of clothing . Being cold or warm, being dressed, or undressed, and having wet hair or dry hair had no effect on their infection rate.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:10 PM on Dec. 14, 2009


    Here, read this.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:12 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

  • NO!!! It is another old wives' tale.

    Answer by Lindalu2 at 12:23 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

  • Germs


    Answer by KFree907 at 12:23 PM on Dec. 14, 2009

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