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My 18-month-old is suddenly a total monster!

I am at wits end. I don't know if he is teething, not feeling well, having sleep issues, or just going through a phase but for the last few days my son has been an absolute bear!

I just had to leave my women's Bible study way early because he wouldn't stop screaming and writhing on the floor. I was so embarrassed! On top of this I'm pregnant and have already been freaking out at the thought of managing two children!

I'm not even strong enough to hold onto my son when he starts flipping out and I'm exhausted from the effort of just bringing him somewhere. Then again if we stay home we both go stir crazy!

He's normally very sweet, loving and happy, and he's certainly not spoiled or allowed to indulge in behaviors like this.

I guess I am just venting and would like to hear that other moms have lived through this!

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Asked by Dove14 at 12:54 PM on Dec. 16, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • My 18 month old does the SAME THING. To the point I asked her doctor about it. He told me that she is exerting her independence, going through "terrible twos" early. I'm sorry that you have to go through this while being pregnant. My only word of advice is try to keep him on a pretty strict schedule, and be very consistent with how you handle situations. Also, you may want to check into the foods he eats, because a lot of children do not have a high tolerance of wheats, oats, sugars, etc. and could effect his behavior.

    Good luck, and hang in there!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:06 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • ahh welcome to the terrible 2 by the way it only gets worse. my dd is almost 3

    Answer by piwife at 1:11 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • I read at one point that the "terrible two's" really happens at half birthdays -- 18 months, 2 1/2 years, etc. My son did the same thing as yours at 18 months, grew out of it after a little while (maybe a month, if that) and was back to his perfect angel self, and now has started being a total butt again (he's 2 1/2 as of yesterday). So from my experience, the half birthday thing has merit. Which will hopefully make you feel better knowing that it's just a phase, and a common one at that.

    And I had my second when my first was 22 months. He was over his phase by then, and despite all my freaking out about having another baby to take care of, my fears all turned out to be groundless. My toddler was (and is) wonderful with his baby sister, which my acceptance of her a lot easier.

    Things will work out in the end, I promise. :)

    Answer by DragonRiderMD at 1:11 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • My 17 month old is going thru a similar phase. The other day, she "attacked" her father-scratching his face, hitting him, etc. I was soooo embarrassed! She's usually very sweet and friendly. I actually apologize to him for her behavior. I felt like it was MY fault. But after hearing other moms talk about their toddlers, I realize it's just a normal part of development. The last few days, she is acing like her normal self again.

    Answer by Fallaya at 1:14 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • Oooooh yeah. Thats us. My toddler is 19 months old and shes entered the terrible twos early too. I also have twin 8 month old boys to take care of as well. Just take it one day at a time! Oh, and i have noticed that being consistant with discipline, and rewarding good behaviour every time I see it, and lots of hugs and kisses help a lot. Redirecting may help as well. If nothing works, well just let him throw his fit in the floor. Walk away and ignore it. He probably thinks its a cool thing to do, to get mommy to jump to do whatever he wants.

    Answer by becca2715 at 1:52 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • yep im in the same boat, an 18 month old monster im 18 weeks preg and hub is away for work.....the other day he threw a huge fit in the middle of walmart, screaming throwing himself on the floor saying bad mama...i left my cart full of groceries and came home and just cryed...what had i done so wrong to let my child behave like this....but yes thanks to ladies on here sharing their stories i felt a little better....yes its the terribe 2s early but he also pushing the limits to see f i will stick to the rules while daddy is away....i also had no choice bu to add in time out.....he is slowly getting the hang of it, but i have no other choice its either time out or let him behave this way, and behave this way is not a choice
    hang in there mama and stick to your guns, bad behavior is not tolerated, soon your little one will figure it out

    Answer by franklynnsmom at 2:21 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • Thank you all -- just knowing that other moms have lived through this makes me feel loads better. :)

    I knew the terrible twos were coming, but man sake's alive!
    We've always had consistently enforced rules about bad behavior and we give him tons of positive reinforcement for his good behavior -- I thought having that background would help to make things easier! I guess not! ha!
    I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and wait for the storm to pass!

    Thank you again. It really makes me feel so much better! :)

    Answer by Dove14 at 3:51 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

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