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What are your ideas? (Shaving my golden retriever's coat)

We have a 7 yrs. old golden retriever (female) she is an outside dog she doesn't seem to mind it but since she is getting up there in age in dog years we would like to really give her a good clean up and let her start living inside the house but I can not take all that hair...even if I brush he. Is it bad for her to get a complete shave on her coat or a medium cut (like maybe alook like on a labrador short hair) She is really a mellow dog now and would like this very much she is potty trained so no problem there. What are your ideas....Thanks!

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:48 PM on Dec. 16, 2009 in Pets

Answers (8)
  • It's not a good idea to get her shaved. There are brushes like the furminator that will get all the loose hair out. Golden Retrievers do shed a lot. We had one that we brushed every day and it helped a lot. She liked being brushed.

    Check out the furminator website. It's amazing.

    Answer by Gailll at 1:56 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • I surely would not shave her especially in winter.

    Answer by admckenzie at 1:59 PM on Dec. 16, 2009


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:03 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • Even if you give her a shorter cut, she's still going to shed... Especially at first, because of the temperate change between outside and inside. Really, the best thing to do is to just give her a thorough brushing once or twice a day with a GOOD dog brush that gets the undercoat hairs out (Furminator has some great ones). Regardless, she's a dog, she's going to shed. Other than good brushing, and maybe running the vacuum a little more often, not a whole lot you can do about it.

    Answer by Anouck at 2:05 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • I am a groomer and I will tell you that shaving her will NOT stop her shedding. She will shed the same, the hair is just shorter. Like the pp said get the furminator-if you get it on amazon it is WAY cheaper than petsmart or other pet sites. If you properly groom her on a regular basis the shedding is not that bad. Shaving a golden can actually cause the hair texture to change and become more undercoat than top coat-which in the end sheds even more. So-please don't shave her-it will not do what you want it to-just give her a good bath and brush out before bringing her in and then 2-3 times a week run a brush/furminator thru her fur.

    Answer by Carajust at 2:05 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • Why did you get a long coated dog if you didn't like the hair?

    Dogs that were born with long coats should keep them. There is so much wrong with this post..I can't even bother.

    Answer by Acid at 3:21 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • Um Not to be snotty but WHY did you get a Golden if you want to shave it's hair????? To HELP with the hair there is something called a Shedding Blade(looks like a torture device but does wonders use it a few times a week) works great on dogs with thick fur and undercoat really removes the loose fur and also a friendly reminder the more you bathe your pet the more it's going to shed because you are loosing the fur.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:03 PM on Dec. 16, 2009

  • do not shave your golden ret!!!!! hair grows back funny. and can actually make it worse. golden ret, german sheppards, huskies etc, are desighned to circulate the air properly thru their coats, to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, which is why these breeds should not get disrupts the proper way it should be, and can make it worse for the dog. i also have a golden ret, and yaaa he sheds a lot too...but, what can ya do!!! lol..i love my big guy so i deal with the hair. i brush him at least once a day, sometimes twice, i take him to the groomers every 2 months to keep his hair (his butt, legs, tail) trimmed, but that doesnt stop the helps..but thats about it

    Answer by alexis_06 at 5:08 AM on Dec. 17, 2009

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