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ok so my 7 week old baby eats 4 ounces every 2 to 4 hours. but some nights she can go for as long as 6 hours with out a bottle. but usually its between every 2 and 4 hours that she has his 4 ounces. i just feel like its too much for a 7 week old. she keeps crying so my mom keeps telling me to feed i feel its to much cuz she throws up.. is it? idk. im a new mom, just turned 22... how much does ur baby eat or ate at 7 weeks.....

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:31 PM on Dec. 17, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (8)
  • I would talk to your babies doctor about it. :-) Good luck momma!

    Answer by anklebitr at 11:35 PM on Dec. 17, 2009

  • Girl, if you think she is eating too much she could be. I have twins with colic (YIKES!! Try being here on a good day LOL!!) so when they were first born it was very difficult and all I would do was breastfeed ALL day long .. literally!!
    They could just want the sucking notion ... have you tried a pacifier? Some babies don't want it (my twins didn't) and some Mom's don't want to use it, but it is better than your little one over eating and puking it up or crying as she is because she is too full and has a tummy ache.

    Could it be gas? Have you tried laying her tummy down in one of your arms while you rub her back & burp her? Also, try rubbing her stomach. If her stomach is a little hard it could be gas.

    Answer by jjk45xox at 11:36 PM on Dec. 17, 2009

  • Her throwing up could be because of eating too much or gas. Ask a doctor if you are concerned - one of my twins had to get genetic testing because her arginine blood levels were high, causing her to constantly vomit - it did level out, no medication needed, but just so you know.

    Call her pediatrician in the morning & tell him/her what is going on & how you feel about it ... that is the best for you & your little one.

    Hope all goes well soon! I know how it is to be beyond yourself - I had my oldest at 19 years old & she'll be 4 next month! If you ever need anything or want to vent ... PM me Girl!!

    Answer by jjk45xox at 11:39 PM on Dec. 17, 2009

  • It seems a bit much, it could be a few things.

    1. Be sure that the nipple on the bottle isn't too large. A baby should take 15 - 20 minutes to finish a bottle. If this is the case find another nipple.

    2. The best types of nipples are the ones that are breastfeeding friendly because they don't flow when the baby isn't suckling it.

    3. Don't tip the bottle. Hold the baby in a position that has the bottle tipped only slightly so that gravity doesn't slosh the milk into the baby's mouth non stop. Hold it so that the baby works to get milk.

    4. Don't wiggle the nipple in the baby's mouth...this triggers their suck reflex and they will suck even if they don't want any more.

    5. If you don't have a bottle that vents you baby is going to be gulping air (again get bottles that are breastfeeding friendly...they are designed better) and will get gas. The gas will cause vomits. Burp baby partway in a feed.

    Answer by amileegirl at 11:41 PM on Dec. 17, 2009

  • If a baby is crying it means something. she may be hungry. feed her and make sure you burp her well. some babies gulp and you may need to burp more than once. she may be crying because she is a little more social, and doesn't want to be in that crib but wants to be with you. you mentioned bottle, but are you pumping and putting it in the bottle? Sometimes your diet can disrupt. Is she at a sitter or daycare. She may not be getting the stimulation, they like to put them to sleep, and you are dealing with her at night. Good luck momma!

    Answer by SEEKEROFSHELLS at 11:46 PM on Dec. 17, 2009

  • When my daughter was 7 weeks old this was almost exactly how she was (minus the spit up/barfing) I don't think that feeding her like that is too much because it depends on the baby's weight. One of my baby books, and I confirmed it it with our doctor, recomends feeding at least 2 ounces of every 1 pound that the baby weighs. (Ex 12lbs of baby should be feed 24 oz formula a day) Don't stick to this to thightly tho cuz when a baby has a growth spur (mine did @ 8 weeks) they can eat like ther's no tomorrow
    Also, if a baby barfs or spits up that doesn't nessesarily mean they're full. A baby's digestive track is immature and spit up/barfing is very common. To try and address this issue you can reserach diffrent bottles and diffrent formulas such as soy. Similac has several formulas which help reduce spit up and barf.

    I hope this helps, good luck.

    Answer by GreenLadie at 12:29 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • I know it's scary when they start sleeping longer. I freaked out the first time DS slept 6 hours, but 7 weeks is old enough to wake up when she needs food. Good luck!

    Answer by Adelicious at 12:52 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • IM not sure about the amount of eating because i breast feed mine but if the baby cries and is throwing up means something, gas or too much milk.. follow your instincts, no one know better your baby than you not even your mom. And enjoy those long nights because when they start teething ooh ! they don't sleep that much at night.

    Answer by violetlady at 9:28 PM on Feb. 11, 2010

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