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Develpment issues or not?

So far things have seemed normal for my 5 month old. Yesterday we took him to get fitted for a helmet to correct a moderate head shape problem due to him favoring sleeping on one side. The one doctor I saw first made some comments that have concerned me. She said at this age,(5months Dec. 19) he should easily bear his own weight on his legs and thought his shoulders were weak. Also that he should be doing more with crawling and sitting. He lifts his head fairly high during tummy time mostly on his elbows, sometimes on his hands with elbows straight. He just dosn't bear weight too often on his legs. But when he's in his bouncy chair he will stand up straight!! And he dosn't reach for things too much but will whip them around all over when he gets them. Should i be concerned?

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Asked by juzwiak77 at 10:25 AM on Dec. 18, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • what suggestions or referrals did your ped give as a next step?

    Answer by peanutsmommy1 at 10:34 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • I haven't seen my aby's Ped yet. This was a doc at a hospital 2 hours from us who was in the Neurology dept. She said to make him stand as much as possible and make him reach above his head for toys. Lots of tummy time. But He has a temper and when he's mad he refuses to do anything. I myself feel he is doing ok.

    Answer by juzwiak77 at 10:37 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • Crawling & sitting up on his own at 5 months old!? I think that doc is nuts! The average 5 month old should be able to sit momentarily without support, but not be sitting by himself without support yet, that comes around 6 months old or so. As for crawling, that skill starts to develop, on average, around 6 months, too. But even all of that is subjective and will depend on the individual baby, as some do these things sooner and others later, even much later (my son didn't sit up until he was 10 months old, then crawled at 11 months and walked at 12 months...little stinker was suddenly very much in a hurry to catch If you are not concerned, I wouldn't let that doctor's comments worry you any.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:53 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • I agree with the above. My stinker butt kids crawled and walked late according to that doctor. But if you feel he is not doing ok I would take him to his doctor and ask what he/she thinks about the whole thing.

    Answer by anklebitr at 10:58 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • sounds like one bad doc... now if you hear it again, worry, well dont worry- get an action plan to help him from a developmental specialist. but for now, that really sounds normal to me, esp just getting his head gear. see if that helps the ballance and strength at all... was he ftt??? if not dont worry yet.

    Answer by AmaliaD at 11:05 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • The only thing I really wondered about after we saw her washer comment that he should be able to easily bear weight on his legs for longer than a few seconds here and there. I guess we haven't worked too much on that but he just going to be 5 months this weekend. So should he be standing? He sits well with just a little support and he babbles all the time and he laughs uncontrolably sometimes and says mama already since 3 1/2 months.

    Answer by juzwiak77 at 11:10 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • Does that doctor normally deal with babies? If not, I wouldn't worry about it. Especially if your regular pediatrician doesn't seem concerned.

    Answer by Christina807 at 11:12 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • Yea, I don't know of any child who's crawling and sitting up on their own at five months. My son certainly didn't. He didn't start crawling until almost seven months if not eight. He didn't start sitting up on his own until about 6 months. I think the doctor is a little off on his baby development time line.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 11:35 AM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • Just because someone is a "professional" doesn't mean they know what they are talking about. I believe, that in this case, my statement is dead on accurate.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:09 PM on Dec. 18, 2009

  • Wait...she said he should be doing MORE with crawling and sitting right? Not that he should be actually crawling and sitting on his own? Doing MORE with crawling and sitting just means that he should be progressing in that direction, not that he actually should be fully doing it by now. And yes, he should be able to bear weigh on his legs for more than a few seconds. That doesn't mean fully standing, but he should be able to scoot his butt up in the air by supporting himself with his legs/knees, and if you stand him up (holding him) he should be able to use some of his lower body strength to help support himself (again, not on his own, just helping). If a doctor, especially a neurologist, seems to think he is a bit behind, I would take their advice and try to work on these things a bit. It's not like she's saying the kid needs surgery or anything!

    Answer by mnt_2_b_mommy at 1:57 PM on Dec. 18, 2009

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