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Honestly.......what do you think of this?

I was walking out of this convenience store the other evening with my child and as my son got into the back seat and buckled up ( he is 5 years in age), I closed the van door and walked around and got in.

To my left a woman in a small 4 door car pulled up, got out and left her car running.

Here is my issue with this scenario:

She left the car running.

She had a 3 year old in the front seat and no seat belt on her.

NO one in the back seat.

**And there were a few men out front, and one whom always begs for your change.

I sat there and was shocked that with all the kidnappings that go on/car jackings here that take place, that a parent would leave her 3 yr old in the car, and was IN the front seat!

I was so shocked to see a mother leave a car running, 3 yr old in the car to go in a store, minutes later walk out.....with cigarettes and a bag of chips!

Ever see this where y

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:45 AM on Dec. 19, 2009 in Just for Fun

Answers (4)
  • I see this alot at conveinience stores also, never saw the child in the front seat, usually in the back buckled in. Even though I lived in a small town when my son was tiny, I still took him inside the store for a 3 minute walk in, grab what I need walk out. That was always a big fear of mine. When I see this I stay in my car and keep an eye out, even though the mother doesnt know it, I feel better knowing this strangers child is leaving that store with who it's supposed to.

    Answer by cassie_kellison at 2:50 AM on Dec. 19, 2009

  • Exactly! Thats what I did ! I waited for her.

    When my own son was about 3 yrs old it was hot out one morning and I just got him buckled into the car we had then, no A/C so my windows were down.

    A young Mom pulled up with a teensy tiny baby in the backseat. She saw me talking to my son and she said,"Excuse me, could you watch my baby for me, she just fell back asleep and I honestly hate to wake her up. Do you mind? I can get you something inside for watching her if you want."

    I said,"I'll watch her for's OK. I understand....I'd hate to wake up my son here too! I'll keep my eye on her for you."

    She left the car running and was out a minute or so later. She said"Thank you. Ive never asked anyone to watch my baby like that, she just fell asleep and I see you are a Mommy too. Sam asked me where she was, I said a lady is out there watching for me, he said you were cool,so thank you so much."


    Answer by Anonymous at 3:08 AM on Dec. 19, 2009

  • This is a real idiot! I will never do that to my girls even if I'm in the store for seconds, the world are full of pedophiles.

    Answer by ambr2006 at 3:38 AM on Dec. 19, 2009

  • To be honest, there was one time where I saw something like this (the whole - what are you thinking - someone could steal your kid thing). It was getting late and I was at a Wal-Mart grabbing some stuff I needed for the next day. I had to use the bathroom and was in the one at the back of the store - pretty much nobody around. Well, this woman came in and she left her baby - who looked to be newborn - in a car seat in a shopping cart OUTSIDE the bathroom - I'm not even talking outside the stall, the baby was in that waiting area back by the layaway area (this was awhile ago, btw). She was in the stall when I left the bathroom. Her baby was there, all alone in a shopping cart. I could have totally walked off with her kid and she would have never known (NOT that I would have, but SHE didn't know that!) She knew I was there, I was washing my hands when she came in.

    I was dumbfounded and appalled to say the least!

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 8:41 AM on Dec. 19, 2009

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