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have you guys every heard of Vaginosis Bacterial infection

I am married and I keep getting this infection. I have been to several doctor's and none of them can explain to me why I keep getting this dreadful irritation. I went to the doctor today, and he said, " it would be best for me to use condoms with my husband."

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Asked by fidelity29 at 2:00 AM on Dec. 24, 2009 in Health

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  • It's simply a vaginal infection. It's very common when a woman is sexually active. I have had a few partners where I got them often when I was with them, so I know it's THAT partner in particular who was causing them for me. My gyno's nurse said that the pH balance between the guy and me just didn't "mince" well.

    I can tell you - I am so glad I didn't marry them because I would be dealing with it on a very regular basis!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:07 AM on Dec. 24, 2009

  • It is common for those with multiple partners. Your doctor is saying your hubby is cheating on you.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:35 AM on Dec. 24, 2009

  • You may want to google the infection and see what comes up (google is your friend). Here is a site that I found

    Answer by acollins09 at 7:20 AM on Dec. 24, 2009

  • He and you could be passing it back and forth. I have gotten BV when my hormones were out of whack: when I first started a new birth control pill and both times I was pregnant. This bacteria normally is present, but some things can cause it to go nuts, like hormones or troubles with your immune system.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:58 AM on Dec. 24, 2009

  • Oh my god, no it does NOT mean that your DH is cheating on you. BV is a VERY common thing that happens when the levels of your "good" and "bad" bacteria are off. It happens a LOT, I got it from being pregnant, it isn't something that you're necessarily getting from your DH, and NO it does not mean he is cheating on you!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:06 PM on Dec. 24, 2009

  • Dear God it does not mean he is cheating on you. I have had this issue. Some of us are more sensitive to this sort of thing. It took months and months to finally come to the right diagnosis and the cause. It was actually several things. One thing that helped it to go away is an anti-depressent.  Sounds odd to think your vagina is "depressed."  But it works.  You start on a low dose and increase as necessary.  It is short term.  Also for me I had interstitialcystitis.  Which contributed to the issue.  It wasn't really an infection at all.  I was irritated due to irritants in my bladder.  Diet and short term medications worked well.  See a urologist if you have not.  Often we see a OBGYN and it is not the person who is best to treat these issues. I had my team of doctors coordinate with each other - my primary, my gynecologist, and my urologist.


    Answer by frogdawg at 2:28 PM on Dec. 24, 2009

  • Together we all solved the issues that were occuring. Cheating....good grief. Has to be a troll. We often just sum it up as one long bladder or yeast infection when in reality there are harder things going on. See the urologist and my best is he or she will become your best friend.

    Answer by frogdawg at 2:31 PM on Dec. 24, 2009

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