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my sons 2 years old and he is spossed to go to daycare everyweek but he has a hard time in the mornings he yells at me and hits and kicks me till i gotta hold him down to get his clothes on to leave and i have to carry him in the place kicking and screaming witch is horrible for me and i feel bad about it like this mornig he dident go becuase im kind of fed up with it i got a nuff to do and i gotta fight with my child to go to school i dont no what to do


Asked by Tylersmom242002 at 11:40 AM on Dec. 29, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (6)
  • I would speak with care providers to see if there is a reasoning behind the child not wanting to stay. Between the two of you there should be something to help ease the transition. Maybe that daycare is the problem, he might need a new facility(one on one attention.) If you can take off a day and sit with him a half a day. I would not sneak off from him. I would let him know now mommy is leaving and she be back in a while. He may throw a temper tantrum but he won't feel tricked. Try some favorite snacks or toys to take with him. He will have something to look forward too .We should also find another way to deal with his anger. My one year old is doing the same when i take her to my mother in laws house for a couple of hours , but now she is much better. Hope this works for ya!

    Answer by hollinshead at 12:03 PM on Dec. 29, 2009

  • Tough one. He might not be ready. Or he might know you'll give in and let him stay home. You should work on the kicking and hitting as I'd hate for him to hurt you. It's amazing how strong those little bodies can be! But when your pushed for time, it's hard to deal with. Maybe just send him in without dressing him and seeing if they will help out there to see if that tones him down a bit in the mornings? Does he do it every morning, or only if he knows he's going to day care? And how do you feel about him going? If you are nervous or anxious, he cna pick up on it and that can affect how he behaves. Just some thoughts. Maybe it can help, or spark some other ideas.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:44 AM on Dec. 29, 2009

  • How many time has he won these fights?? Also have you spoke with care providers to see if he enjoys being there? The problems could be caused by many things, these would be good starting points.

    Answer by PsychMommie at 11:44 AM on Dec. 29, 2009

  • Maybe there is a problem at daycare. I would have a hard time leaving my son in a place he didn't want to be. Is he fine after you leave? My kids have all been in daycare because I work too. But they have always loved it, even asking to go on weekends! Does he want to bring a toy from home with him? Or a movie? My kids always liked to do that. Sometimes I get my little on dressed while he is still asleep. That way he wakes up dressed. But he sleeps like a rock, so that might not be an option for you. Good luck!

    Answer by mompam at 12:08 PM on Dec. 29, 2009

  • he crys for like 5 mins after i drop him off at day care then hes fine after its just getting him there in the morning

    Answer by Tylersmom242002 at 12:14 PM on Dec. 29, 2009

  • well, i started my son at daycare at a center at 16 months and he just turned 2 in nov so it took well over 8 months before he didn't cry every time I left. Make it as a matter of fact - walk in, drop him off and go.. if you really have to have him go like I do, the faster you do this, the better it gets.. don't let him get to you or make an issue of it.

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 5:56 PM on Dec. 29, 2009