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please help i'm so tired and dont know what else to do to help my baby:(

i have a 6 week old baby that cries for 4 hours straight at night every night he is ok all day long but after 8pm at night he starts to cry and not stop for 4 hours i have tried everything walking car ride i went out bought so many different baby things to put him in i have got him a bouncy seat that makes noice an lights a glider cradle swing you name it i got it. nothing will calm him down i'm so tired and dont know what else to do to help him my heart breaks to hear him cry like this please someone tell me what it might be an what can i do to help

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Asked by dezeray27 at 8:26 AM on Jan. 4, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • It sounds like you have a colicy baby, wrap him up in his blanket like they did in the hospital it makes them feel secure and tight like they felt inside you, All you can do is cuddle him and rock him and wait for this to pass, or consult his doctor for maybing changing his milk. Hang in there mom, this too shall pas!

    Answer by older at 8:29 AM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • sounds like colic. get some gripe water, swaddle put on his side bounce him on your knee shussing really loud.

    Answer by truealaskanmom at 8:31 AM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • I suggest taking your little on in and having the Dr check for's becoming a more common problem. Maybe not more common, but easier diagnosed (whereas people used to say you just had a colic-y baby). My ds, and 2 of our friend's babies all were diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux at or around 6 weeks. It was miserable for us and for baby! Same symptom where he was up crying for hours at night. Our Dr put him on liquid baby Zantac drops, and he was "instantly" better. I would suggest going in and seeing the doctor! If it is GERD, your little one is probably in a lot of pain.

    Answer by thea11ens at 8:43 AM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • It's a stage and it won't last forever! I promise!

    Answer by kitten_shuga at 8:43 AM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • have you tried feeding? newborns are hungry around the clock. could also be colic....

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:47 AM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • Try letting him cry some during the day. Older mothers used to say that a baby gets exercise by crying, so maybe if you let him exercise some during the day, he will sleep better at night. Also, if he is sleeping in a different spot at night, try putting him in the same bed during the day. Babies tend to like familiar surroundings, even when they are too young to "know" where they are. Some people make the mistake of keeping the baby in the busy part of the house during the day, then expecting them to sleep in a crib in another room at night. Try being consistent with whichever you choose. Swaddling may also help, and if you are nursing, be really careful about what you eat for dinner and don't drink anything with caffeine in it.

    Answer by NannyB. at 8:56 AM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • Sounds like Colic to me! Swaddling always worked for my daughter. What also did the trick for us was putting her in the car and going for a car ride..she would always fall asleep! Check with your doctor and see what suggestions they may have for you. Hang in can be rough but they will get out of the pattern soon!

    Answer by mommytobrooke at 9:01 AM on Jan. 4, 2010


    Answer by Anonymous at 9:05 AM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • My son was colicky until I started giving him a probiotic. Look up infant probiotics. He'd cry for 4-5 hours from 6 pm on. Have you tried a probiotic? Yeast overgrowth is a big cause of colic that is overlooked and underdiagnosed and reflux is overdiagnosed (often a colicky baby given reflux meds doesn't stop crying for 2 weeks or more -- if it is the meds working it should only take a day!).

    Are you breastfeeding by the way? If not that could be the reason. Babies that are FF are notoriously more colicky than BF babies because formula often causes gas/constipation/stomach upset/colic/yeast overgrowth. You could switch to a different formula (what are you using?) or try relactating.

    Swaddling, tummy rubs, gentle massages, bicycle the legs, wearing in a sling or wrap, comfort nursing, dancing gently, singing etc. can all be helpful but often the colick will continue until you get to the root cause of it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:47 AM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • my ds calms right down in a bath and then the original baby lotion. that's the only one that i've found that puts him to sleep... besides.. i love the smell. he does the same thing starting around 6pm but then i figured that all he was wanting was cluster feedings. he would constantly want food and then... he usually has his big poop. that usually makes him whine a lot so i just but him on his back on the floor or the couch beside me or his changing table so he can kick his little legs to get it all out. it's crying that i have to sit through. i know this is gonna sound different, but since your baby is already crying, did you ever try just putting him on his tummy for tummy time?

    Answer by Marri357 at 12:19 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

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