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How would you have handled it? It's too late now...

I babysit for a living the money is great but after this long holiday we are over coming the kids come back and guess what...They ALL have runny noses and coughs...I am like my god people why can't you just keep your kid at home...I know sometimes parents just can't get away but damn it sucks for me bc this daycare I have is in my home and the parents know better...I mean what can I do to make it feel right for me...charge I feel like the parents don't want to deal with it or just can't leave work but these are their kids they come first always...What am I suppose to do with a house full of sick kids?

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:26 PM on Jan. 4, 2010 in Just for Fun

Answers (9)
  • A runny nose is not a sick kid, you can't expect parents to keep their kids home every time they have a cold or a minor cough or runny nose.
    No vomit, no fever, no wheezing, then no reason to keep them home.
    Kids, as well as adults, get a cold or a runny nose when its cold outside, buy more tissues....

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:34 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • That sucks- I will NEVER do daycare in my home again. The kids are not the's the parents usually. It's like since you do it in your home they walk ALL over you- I had a lady that would call fom work and ask if I could watch her kids a couple more hours so she could go out for drinks with people from work- and when they decide they don't need you anymore-they never give notice...and yes they bring their OBVIOUSLY sick kids for you to deal with...
    I would call them to come get them if they are that sick- and if not talk with them when they pick them up...
    good luck

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 2:34 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • You can actually refuse to care for the sick children. My friend's mom runs an in home daycare and she turns away sick children unless they come with a doctor's note stating they are not contagious or are being medicated. She actually asked one mother not to bring her children anymore. She was having a constant problem with her bringing her kids sick. One child came with ring worm. Another time both children came, and their 16 year old brother went to a school that had an H1N1 outbreak, she asked the mother to get the children tested so that the could come to daycare, and the mother flipped out. It's hard to do when you have other kids that you have to legally worry about.

    Answer by OneToughMami at 2:34 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • I cant possibly imagine that anyone would be able to hold a job if they stayed home everytime someone in their house had a runny nose...

    Answer by mommymeg03 at 2:35 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • runny noses can be a sign of allergies and not always colds. I do not have the courage to have day care in my home. Snoots is the only charge i have and since i am gramma I get him when he is too sick to go to school and his mom can't take the time off of work due to deadlines and such. Stock up on hankies

    Answer by mamak57 at 2:40 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • No fever within 24 hours same with diarrhea. If parents think a child can sit up for six hour straight, send them. Otherwise, parents should be responsible and NOT send them. That's part of having kids, you have to stay home sometimes. I am so annoyed with parents that say, "Well he hasn't vomited in six hours, so I brought him!"

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:02 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • I cant possibly imagine that anyone would be able to hold a job if they stayed home everytime someone in their house had a runny nose...


    Answer by Fallaya at 3:11 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • I would call it job security! If my sitter told me that they could not watch my kids because of a runny nose I would be finding a new sitter. Also the rules at most business daycares will watch a child with a runny nose and cough. They dont consider the children sick unless they are vomitting and have a fever. Public schools too. My kids and my nose run all the time, especially when it is cold out side. We will also start coughing when it is cold outside because of my runny nose

    Answer by SonyaLudwig at 3:44 PM on Jan. 4, 2010

  • well at my sons daycare if they have a fever they cant stay and we are told that even if they don't but are extreamly miserable with a cold u now runny nose craby crying they need to go home becouse it takes away from the care that is given to the other kids and i belive its even posted at the sign in board

    Answer by sexymama53 at 1:55 AM on Jan. 5, 2010

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