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In your opinion, what are the pro's and con's of buying teen's cell phones and ipods?

I am contemplating buying my 13 year old an ipod. She already has a cell phone (because I felt she needed it for safety reasons, i.e., walking to the bus stop, basketball practice...) But now she is asking for an ipod and I am unsure whether I should buy one for her or not. I don't want her to be one of those kids that feels she "needs" everything everyone else has, but then I don't want her to feel deprived either. And, I am also afraid that I might not be able to control what kind of music she listen's to. What is your opinion?

Also, she is a great kid. She get's straight A's, is so very respectful, and helps alot around the house. Do you think I would be hurting her by not buying her one?

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Asked by peace1234 at 1:20 AM on Jan. 7, 2010 in Teens (13-17)

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  • We got all of our kids Ipod Nanos this year. The oldest boy (15) has had a cell he barely uses for about two years. The kids all LOVE their ipods! In my opinion it is the equivalent to our getting a boom box. You remember going into your room to do your boring ole math and listen to tunes? This is no different, except way cooler. Trust me, when they aren't using it, it becomes mine. LOL.
    I asked for one for mother's day. :)

    Answer by Whatkids at 1:23 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • i was gonna ask that same question to here and pot. i has the same thing with my daughter but shes only 8 yrs old and asking for i Touch. she 's been saving money(what i did was everytime she gets a 100percent in her test or she gets A in her grades i give her a $1 as for my reward for her)so anyways she got money and asking if we could buy her now.

    sometimes idon't know when is to much is too much.

    we'll my advice to you is if your kid have money that have save then i guess they could get it.
    it's just my point is we have to make our kids realize that getting this things are not always easy they have to work hard on everything.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:30 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • Pros:
    It has an alarm clock, you can set several on there.
    The nanos are mini entertainment centers (listen to albums, audiobooks, radio, watch movies, record movies, have photos)
    (It has many other features as well.)
    Small Could get lost
    Battery lasts three hours
    Could damage hearing if too high
    Easy to drop, not really ergodynamic

    Gosh there are so many good things about them.
    Communications with people you don't really want them communicating with.

    Answer by Whatkids at 1:35 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • I touch NO. It breaks really easy and is too expensive. Nano was 149 at Costco.

    Answer by Whatkids at 1:36 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • we got my 14yo dd an itouch for graduation last year and she loves hers. she sets her alarm on it to get up for school, she has her baby brothers pics on it, she can store all her music. I think its harmless. dd is a good kid too thats why i got it for her. this thing even has gps on it. I want want too.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:42 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • I love my i-touch, it has so many functions. My SIL just got one for her 11 year old son for Christmas. I still use my old i-pod(the original, I'm talking way back) when I'm cleaning or getting dirty. Make sure you get her the rubber cover and a case. She's old enough to take care of it.


    Answer by Anonymous at 3:21 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • It sounds like she may be responsible enough for one. We got one for my SD (15) last Christmas ('08), and she has done very well with it. We did make it a PRIVILEGE though- i.e. she loses it if she acts up, doesn't do her chores, etc.- but it's at the bottom of the list, so it's one of the last things she loses, after the phone, computer, tv, & PS2.
    Make one of the stipulations of her having it that you must approve all music she listens to. You can go on her iTunes & see what she has downloaded (music, videos, podcasts), what she has put on her iPod, etc. You can also go into the iPod itself to see if she has downloaded anything outside of the home with your permission, if you feel that is necessary.
    It would be a nice reward for a good kid, but I certainly don't think that not giving her one will harm her in some way... It's not like she can't listen to music at all without one.

    Answer by emslala at 5:44 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • We have a 14 year old daughter.

    Cell phone - my daughter has one; we have a family plan. We gave her the option of picking a free phone or paying half of a higher-end phone.

    iPod - she has bought herself two (with babysitting money; she save half and spends half); when she bought the second one, she gave me her old one.

    Answer by rkoloms at 7:48 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • We got my dd, 14, one for Christmas. She loves it! And it seems alot of her friends and cousins got one this year too. I think it's just like having the old walk mans...but way cooler!

    Answer by robyann at 9:29 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • My son wanted an iPod; we got him a diff. MP3. He liked it, but wouldn't use it in front of friends. Turns out cool factor was really important, although he's NOT typically that way. It's just one of those "everybody has" things. You are right to worry about giving, giving, giving & worse doing it for popularity reasons. I have nephews who have the newest and greatest electronics, & the poor kids have zero ability to hold a decent conversation - it's all about "look what I have, what do you have?"
    If you think she's at the point where an iPod is required to belong. (it was high school for my kids - they trade music, pop an iTrip in to play each others' iPods in the car, etc.) how about buying an iPod (aka Apple store) gift card? You can do a small gift card each holiday until she has enough, or she can pay some of her own money to make the final purchase. Re: music, set up the iTunes to your email & check her iPod often.

    Answer by cutiemoose at 11:51 AM on Jan. 7, 2010

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