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How can I help her?!

My DD will be a month old on the 11th. For the past week, she has been fussing and crying a lot..anything/everything I do doesn't help her. It mostly happens in the last evening to early morning hours. Is there anything I can do to help her? Is it possible that it's gas or maybe she's colicky?

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:57 PM on Jan. 7, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (5)
  • It could be teething, an ear infection, gas, or just doesn't want to sleep alone. Back molars may be coming in so feel for bumps on her gums. Is she feverish and or tugging at a ear or ears? Gas can be pevelent via a bloated tummy and refusual to eat or drink. When babies want more attention or don't want to be alone they express it by non-stop crying until held or co-sleeping. If the first two are possible give infant tylenol or infant motrin(motrin is better for relieving pain), but if she is tugging at ear then you need to call doc asap!!! If you think she might be gassy, there are baby gas drops, or you could do ginger ale and rub her back in a circular motion and then lightly tap a couple of times. As for needing attention it happens but do your best not to let it happen all the time!!!! GL and I hope you both find and get relief soon!!!

    Answer by ladyd6280 at 9:06 PM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • Colic sets in at around four weeks (our doctor told us that there is a very good reason why babies start smiling at four weeks), and generally lasts three months (though it can last as long as a year).

    Answer by rkoloms at 9:09 PM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • my ds was colic and finally i found a formula that eased his gas, turned out he was lactose intolerant..mildly. it was the orange similac made for fussy and gas.

    try rubbing his tummy and doing soft bicycle motions with his legs, i also used warm chamomile tea in a bottle because the drops didn't help.

    My son once cried for literally 8 hrs straight, nothing i did helped, though being in motion seemed to help some, he slept alot in his swing on slow.


    Answer by tntmom1027 at 9:19 PM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • I hate the term "colicky" IMHO my 10 year old was diagnosed with colic, then when my 2 year old came along, she had the exact same symptoms and got a diagnosis of reflux. I honestly thing "colicky, you just have to deal with it" is just the doctor's way of saying we don't know what's wrong and don't want to look for it.

    laying down can irritate reflux, which matches up with the times you are giving as being when she's sleeping.

    talk to your pedi about reflux.

    also give the gas drops a try for now, give them at bed time.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:20 PM on Jan. 7, 2010

  • Fussiness and crying is very common from 1-3 mo. or so. Its the bubble dilemma...either burps or gas. Try gripe water before a feeding to help with burping. Give Gas Drops to help with the gas (regularly...they're better as a preventative). Lay baby face down in your lap where his stomach is on one leg and head on the other....pat his bottom. This often helps release gas. Also, pushing legs up towards chest sometimes helps too. Motion is good...swing or bouncer. Swaddling it very snugly with an emphasis on wrapping around the stomach area. This often relieves pain. Introduce a pacifier if you aren't opposed. It could also be sleepiness...often babies don't get enough sleep (likely due to the bubbles) which makes them cranky and fussy. Try putting baby to sleep in a quiet room before you think he is tired. Good Luck

    Answer by ANGIE409 at 9:37 PM on Jan. 7, 2010

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