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What do you do when the teacher is the bully?

I would love some suggests. We go to a charter School so we are free to leave if we are unhappy, however, leaving isnt an option at this time. The teacher is the Principle wife also. What do you think I should do? or How should I tell my 6th grader to deal with it. They will not be returning next school year. I want to beat the snot out of her but I know that is wrong. I want to tell my son that at some times in our lives we have to deal with people like her and just have to do out best to get thought it. I dont know what to do. HELP!

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Asked by _SundayGirl at 1:32 AM on Jan. 8, 2010 in Tweens (9-12)

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  • just remind him that he wont have to deal with it next year...and to stay positive, and if that dont work who cares if she is the principles wife..... ur child learning all he or she can is way more important...speak up momma....... what can they do really for you speaking your mind?

    Answer by firstimemomm603 at 1:40 AM on Jan. 8, 2010

  • Look into K12, there might be a free one for your area. Also, IQ Academy. Good luck.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:52 AM on Jan. 8, 2010

  • Use this as a life-lesson. There will always be bad bosses and bad teachers; learning to cope with them is such an important skill! Help your child devise a strategy to make the best of this situation; talk to other parents, and find out how other children are coping. You and your child should also sit down with the school counselor; she/he may have some suggestions.

    Answer by rkoloms at 6:37 AM on Jan. 8, 2010

  • I think I would talk to HER.  Get to the bottom of what is REALLY going on--not just your child's side of it. Sometimes kids that age see the whole world as out to get them. So if you talk to her, let her know that you have some concerns that you'd like to discuss and let her know that your child's perception of what is happening is detrimental to his self-worth. You want to know if there is something you and she can do together to insure that doesn't happen. Now if you find out your child is being a total brat in class, do something about that! But if his perception is correct, then let the mama bear defend her cub! Let her know if she bullies your child you will be in her face over it.  

    Remember: There are always three sides to every conflict, his, hers and the TRUTH because perception warps truth on both sides. Good luck! :)


    Answer by SimplyLaine at 7:37 AM on Jan. 8, 2010

  • I have never heard of a teacher being a bully, before In my life. I heard of a hard and strict teacher. hard and strict is different from being a bully to me. But I agree with Simply Laine get all sides of the stories. But make sure everyone is there to confront their story.

    Answer by incarnita at 8:48 AM on Jan. 8, 2010

  • Yes their are bully teachers out there. We had one when DD was in 3rd grade and it almost ruined her to school. Its taken her a few years to get over the damage that B*%ch did to my child mentally. I would go talk to her and see what her side of the story is. If she is a true bully she will deny it to everyone but sometimes you can see through. If it doesnt stop i would ask for my child to be moved into another class. Teachers are supposed to help teach and build up a child not tear them down.

    Answer by Sandyr911 at 9:27 AM on Jan. 8, 2010

  • A bully teacher can be life's best lesson. Remind him that it's his decision but ask if he wants to accept a challenge that will last a lifetime. Dealing with these abusers is a great lesson learned. There are only a few more months of this year left. That's a good thing. Meanwhile you can read up on How to Deal with A Narcissist. If it's too much for him then of course, take him out but ask him what he wants to do. He can come out a major winner in this by making lemonade out of this lemon situation.

    Answer by admckenzie at 9:51 AM on Jan. 8, 2010

  • Talk to the teacher face to face. Be calm and centered and come to her with the attitude of working out what is going wrong. You can and you should speak to the principal about this matter. It is her job to be a teacher not intimidate of children. If he gives you any inkling that he is not solving the matter then go to his boss, the superintendent.


    Answer by pnwmom at 6:33 AM on Jan. 10, 2010

  • My son's teacher is a total bitch!Gawd I can't wait til schools over!!! I'm about to go there and give her a what for! I've been nice too long. My son came home crying today. It's taking everything in me not to go and open a can of whoop ass!!!

    Answer by Starfire73 at 6:52 PM on Jan. 11, 2010

  • I had this very problem with my son's afterschool homework program. I walked in on one of the teachers yelling at my son while I was supposed to be in the car waiting for him. If there's one thing I teach my children is that as their mother I am the end all be all of their lives. I went right in the class and stood between him and her and I gave her a taste of what she was giving my son. I did it in front of him because I feel it is VERY important for our children to know that when the teacher is wrong I WILL stand up for him. Because if he was the problem the schoold would want me to back them up and deal with him. I also removed him from her program and told my son he was to steer clear of her because she had no self control.

    Answer by huny9701 at 11:16 PM on Jan. 11, 2010

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