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Do you think it would be possible that custody of my child could be taken away if I was completely fit to be a parent, but had committed welfare fraud for about a year? I am just wondering if a judge could use something like that against me? This is worse case if her father ever goes to court just to be an azz.

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:58 AM on Jan. 11, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

Answers (8)
  • i personally think it says something to your character, they definitely use this sort of thing to make thier decisions. it's like robbery.

    Answer by angevil53 at 1:01 AM on Jan. 11, 2010

  • IDK, I just know it doesnt make you look good.

    Answer by Mrs.Owen86 at 1:01 AM on Jan. 11, 2010

  • Well actually i don't know. Of course it doesn't make you look good though like one said before. BUT are you going to jail for it? Or have you already served your time and punishment? Because if you have, and now everything is on track and you havent done anything like that since then. Then I wouldn't see why they'd take your child away from you bc of a mistake you made in the past, i mean its not like your child was at risk, it wasn't drug offense, or drinking problem, or abusing your child. BUtT like i said i have no idea, that would be my best guess. Just look into it, get a free consultation from a lawyer, they'd def be able to tell you.

    Answer by sexy_can_i at 1:24 AM on Jan. 11, 2010

  • Of course it could be used against you, if you guys get into a tug of war you may want to prepare yourself for this just in case and also prepare an explanation. You would need to be completely honest and take responsibility to show you have remorse and this is something from your past. If you are ultra concerned worst case you may have to contact the welfare agency and offer to repay and tell them you made a mistake and think you may have received too much and see where it goes. You don't have to tell your ex but have documentation so that if he decides to use it against you, you get to show that you have repaid or are working to repay the debt.

    Answer by 1st_LadyD at 1:31 AM on Jan. 11, 2010

  • What a crazy question...of course its going to look bad on you. You need to repay or try to fix it. A sorry isn't going to be enough for anyone, including a prosecuting lawyer or judge that is going to dig into your life.

    OOPS I shouldn't have said that I am a liberal after all. (sarcasm intended)

    SHHHHH don't let the conservatives on here know I told you to grow up (wouldn't want them to get confused).

    Answer by lori232 at 1:35 AM on Jan. 11, 2010

  • Well yes. You committed a felony. That means you could face a jail sentence which in turn you would lose your child.

    What I would recommend IF this does occur and if the amount is less than 2,000 dollars... you can see if you are eligible for ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition). This involves no conviction, no jail time, just a limited amount of probation and you pay the money you received fraudulently.

    Answer by Crissy1213 at 2:21 AM on Jan. 11, 2010

  • He might go for custody or more visitation so he can see his child. Women keep men from their kids daily so if he does try to have more time with her good for him. I believe they can use your theft against you shows your lack of judgement. Good luck to him if he tries.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:17 AM on Jan. 11, 2010

  • Wow. Why wouldn't that be used against you? You are a thief. Not exactly a great example for your kid.

    And even though you are a thief, he takes you to court just to be an ass? I am going to go with you treat the CO just like you have treated the requirements for truly being able to get welfare - as guidelines, and not anything that applies to you if you are not inclined to follow it.

    I hope he does take you to court, and this comes out and is weighed accordingly in any custody determination.

    Answer by LiliM at 4:03 PM on Jan. 11, 2010

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