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a little more than "night terrors" Anyone have any experience with this??

My dd is 26 mos and will not go into a room without the lights on. She will also suddenly come running to me, grab my leg and say "SCARED SCARED SCARED!" So I ask her what scared her and she'll go into towards the kitchen until she can see the hallway to the basement door and say "him!" She won't go into any room besides DH's and mine with the lights off and going near any other room terrifies her! But at night, she's fine!!! Every night we read her books "blow" out the light and kiss her goodnight. She goes right to sleep! Has anyone else had experience with anything like this?!! It's a little freaky....


Asked by Anonymous at 10:36 AM on Jan. 14, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (6)
  • I'm thinking paranormal. If you can, do some research into the history of your home and the land it's on. See if perhaps there was a man who died there. It helps to have a name to confront with. Even if you can't get a name, you need to calmly yet sternly tell the the spirit that it needs to go. That this is your home now and he needs to move on. Try this a few times and see if it works. If not, I suggest you maybe find a local paranormal group or if you're religious, seek the advice of a pastor or priest. Here is a site with state by state listings of paranormal groups:

    I have had paranormal experiences since the age of 5 and so have all three of my children. NEVER assume it's just their imagination and do everything you can to rid yourself of what is scaring her. She and you deserve to not be frightened in your own home.

    Answer by IhartU at 10:49 AM on Jan. 14, 2010

  • have your house blessed, and start praying with her at night as a part of your routine. maybe do something silly to see if its just her imagination like..........sprinkling sugar at the scary places and that makes that scary guy go away? if something silly doesnt alter her thinking then perhaps there is something she is seeing and you should get her to talk more...

    Answer by Bugsmommy1908 at 10:43 AM on Jan. 14, 2010

  • Yes, I've had to deal w/ this issue w/ 2 of my children. It kind of freaked me out too, b/c it just started happening all of a sudden. I nailed it down to cartoons though, if you can believe it!!! There was a Bernstein Bear cartoon we had that my kids watched. It talked about why you shouldn't be scared of the dark, but it had the reverse effects on my son! It was like it taught him he could be scared of the dark, and he had never thought of it before. I would recommend being careful what they watch. Also, my daughter won't go into her room either if it's dark, b/c she's "scared". I jusr reassure her it's fine, but I don't push her to go in by herself. It passed w/ my son, and will pass w/ her as well.

    Answer by huntannakay at 10:48 AM on Jan. 14, 2010

  • You could do as suggested above and get freaked out yourself. Or you could remember that this is precisely the age that imaginations begin running wild. My daughter's going through something similar. She'll come running to me when she's been in a room by herself; it's like something clicks and she remembers to be scared. She'll get scared of a plant blowing because of the heat vents or of a shadow from a car passing by. Just talk her through her fears and be there to comfort her. If she's going to bed just fine, consider that a blessing! MY daughter is just starting to fight sleep because of fears (of monsters or just generalized separation anxieties). Teaching her to say prayers for comfort are a good idea if you're religious, but in my humble opinion, I think bringing in a priest to ward off spirits will just get all of you wound up. I mean, whatever you believe is what you believe...

    Answer by EmilySusan at 12:17 PM on Jan. 14, 2010

  • we say prayers every night before bed... have since she was 3 mos old when she started sleeping in her own crib and not on the couch with me. From when she could sit up at 4 mos to 16 mos she would wave at the hallway and othertimes she would cry and scream looking down the hallway. I've heard footsteps come up to the door and we've had our front and back door suddenly opened one morning. I live on base and this house was built in the 50's... I keep the lights on now and we stay close to her. I'm not about getting someone to bless the house, I mean if it's some paranormal activity both DH and I prefer to just leave it alone and let it do it's business.... we've both been through some stuff like this as kids and our parents didn't believe us... just don't know how to take this all in and teach her! I don't want to tell her something she sees doesn't exist, but how do I know if she's seeing something real?!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:30 PM on Jan. 14, 2010

  • I guess you can't actually know if what she is seeing is real or not, but if you believe it is possible she is seeing SOMETHING then don't poo-poo her but don't make a huge deal out of it either. Maybe just tell her that the man can't hurt her, or that she can just come to you when she sees him. This would be hard to handle, I wouldn't want to make my daughter feel like I didn't believe her, and after all you can't really KNOW that she isn't seeing anything, but on the other hand if you encourage it she could continue the behavior only for the attention. Maybe teach her to tell the man to go away, that she can't play today or something like that. Sorry, I feel like these aren't very helpful suggestions, but I feel for your predicament. It's very eerie.

    Answer by MaryMW at 3:03 PM on Jan. 14, 2010