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Loss of pregnancy symptoms at 8 weeks

I am 9 weeks pregnant. I had severe nausea, breast tenderness, and fatigue up until 8 weeks. Throughout this last week, it slowly decreased, and today I feel totally fine. Not pregnant at all. My next prenatal appointment isn't for three weeks. I'm afraid my baby has died and it just hasn't been expelled yet. Has anyone experienced a loss of symptoms early on and still continued to have a healthy pregnancy?

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:53 PM on Jan. 14, 2010 in Pregnancy

Answers (5)
  • i dont think that just cuz the baby died the symptoms would stop, cuz the baby still is there and you still are technically pregnant, you should still call your doctor and ask them what they think but for some people, they have it horribly one second and then the next there totally fine.and it sounds like the right time to either start having symptoms or stop having them. i think youll be fine, but still get it checked out, i hope this helps, and congrats......

    Answer by mommy_luvs_kira at 12:02 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • I think you would know had you lost the baby at eight weeks. I lost one at 5 and knew it because I wasn't suppose to bleed while pregnant. Don't stress to much, but go to the ER if you are concerned about it and don't want to wait till your appointment, I would do that . I don't mean to be insensitive, but I'm thinking you and baby are okay and to consider yourself lucky, everyone is different, some ppl don't even have symptoms. Mine lasted till my 20th wk. I had to be on a neasua medication because I vomited everything 24 hrs a day. I went to the hospital 5 times for dehydration until I got put on the meds...its my first and I was like "No MORE BABIES!!" haah :) now that I'm through it, it doens't seem that bad. Good luck though and congrats...:) Keep us posted.

    Answer by Jeda624 at 12:15 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • Go the the ER or call your obstetrician immediately.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:20 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • Well I wouldn't advise you to go to the ER, they probably wouldn't appreciate your chief complaint being that you "feel good." Give yourself a few days and see if it doesn't come back because the symptoms can come in waves, then call your doc if you're still stressing.
    I recently suffered a missed micarriage where the baby quit developing at 9 weeks, but I kept 100% of my pregnancy symptoms and never even spotted until my doctor caught it at 12 weeks. Just letting you know that you don't automatically lose your symptoms if baby does die. The baby doesn't make you sick, the hormones and placenta are responsible for that and unless you're bleeding that 's not an issue.
    My current pregnancy is progressing fine, and although I feel like crap half the time, i still have good days where I get to feel human again:) Try not to worry yourself, and appreciate feeling good.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:36 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • To put your mind at ease, your doctor can schedule a transvaginal ultrasound and peek at your little one or you can have blood work done to check you hcg and progesterone levels. He may have to do the blood twice to ensure it's changing as it should but if it eases your mind, do it! Call your doctor, tell him your concerns and he should see you even if you feel good. Good luck and congrats!

    Answer by khedy at 9:37 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

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