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Surprised by the responses from people on Craigslist ...

I like so many have listed baby things on Craigslist..carseats, swing etc. I am shocked that so many people respond to postings with half price or less offers then ask you to MEET them somewhere to deliver the goods. Anybody else had this experience? and would you ever ask a seller to meet you somewhere to get the item that you wanted to buy?


Asked by chefronswife at 10:15 AM on Jan. 15, 2010 in Just for Fun

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Answers (11)
  • Honestly, if I was to buy something from there, then yes, I would probably ask them to meet me somewhere that was a public place. I wouldn't offer half price the asking price or anything like that, I would either pay what they asked or I wouldn't. (Now, if it said "OBO", then I might offer a slightly lower than asked amount though.)

    But yes, even if the location was only a mile or so from where they lived, I would rather meet them at a public location than go to their house or have them come to mine, because you really don't know this person. For all you know, they could be lying about having the item for sale (or it's just a cover), and they're some sort of sicko out there looking for victims, which, frankly, for all they know, that's who YOU (the buyer) is, too...

    Especially when it comes to baby stuff - look at all the babies kidnapped, pg women killed with babies ripped from them, etc.

    Better be safe than sorry.

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 10:21 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • I don't want complete strangers coming to my home so I would be happy to meet the buyer in a public place.

    Answer by LuvBug3 at 10:19 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • OP: Sorry - I mean meet them 50 miles away! OR at their homes like a deliver service :)

    Answer by chefronswife at 10:21 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • OP: Good point Sailor!

    Answer by chefronswife at 10:24 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • Sorry - I just read your reply - NO - I wouldn't meet them to bring it to my house, for the same reason I wouldn't want to go to theirs.

    As far as the 50 miles away... Honestly, it would depend on what I was buying and how far away it was, like something really rare and collectible. Otherwise, I would either drive to meet them near where they were, or I would look for an item closer to where I was. Now, if it was something really rare and collectible, then I would MAYBE ask them to drive that far, but I would probably offer to pay so much for their gas and time, with the understanding that the item was as described and I was going to buy it...

    But that's just me :-)

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 10:25 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • I once responded to a lady who had posted saying her two toddler daughters needed warm winter clothes, they were on disability, blah blah blah. I had a box of stuff that was in new condition, some WAS new, and it was plenty enough for her youngest daughter for all winter. Shoes and everything! I responded to her ad and said she was free to take them. She writes back "Great, when can you bring them by?" Um...never? Okay...I'm not a mean person. I would have met her somewhere a few miles from my home, mostly for the reasons Sailor mentioned above. But you are getting roughly $200 worth of stuff, which you supposedly need, FREE. You can make the bulk of the trip, IMO. If I had been selling the stuff, then I'd expect them to come pay on my turf (as in, my town) too. I mean, if Macy's has a have to drive there to take advantage of it, right? (Online sales aside!) They don't deliver it. Just like if I wanted to buy from..

    Answer by ErinHill226 at 10:49 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • my daughter did this on Ebay,I was so upset! She sells/buys college books on Ebay and the guy selling her one happened to live in our town so she had him drop it off at our house,I just about died when she told me.It turned out though(after the fact) he goes to same college as her.She knows now(I HOPE) never to do that again!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:51 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • I wouldn't offer less than your asking price unless it said "OBO". I would however ask you to meet me somewhere. I wouldn't want to go to your house b/c I don't know you. With all the scams and crazy people these days, you can't know for sure if the person posting the ad is a serial killer or something. I'd want to meet you in a public place so I'd know I was safe. As for 50 miles away....I wouldn't ask you to go that far unless I was going that far (meaning you live 100 miles away from me), and then it would have to be for some kind of really outstanding item. I definitely wouldn't want you to deliver to my house, for the same reason I don't want to go to your house: you might be a serial killer. (Not you specifically, just you in general).

    Answer by tropicalmama at 10:55 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • ...someone, I would expect to make the trip and pick it up. That's just how it works. Now if they really needed help (no car, tons of kids, etc...) I would think about it if I had the time and energy. I even offered to meet the girl mentioned previously near her house since we passed by every week to visit my parents. Only she never wanted to do it when we'd be passing through, and she wanted me to rearrange my schedule to bring her the free stuff.

    Answer by ErinHill226 at 10:59 AM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • Tell them to mail it. Or if you are selling something, mail it. There is no way I would meet someone. And actually,there is no way I would even GO to Craigs'List!!!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:20 AM on Jan. 15, 2010