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My now 8 year old boy has always had "accidents" - even after being potty-trained.

The older he gets, the more frustrating this is becoming. We've tried everything from reward charts, punishment, taking away toys/sending him to his room, praising when he does use the bathroom and constantly reminding him to use the potty. He is averaging about 3 - 4 accidents a week- sometimes #2! When this happens, he is sent straight to the showers. I'm thinking about getting him some Pull-Ups! He says he doesn't feel it coming sometimes - but I believe it's because he doesn't want to stop playing to use the bathroom. Thankfully, he doesn't have accidents at school and has never wet the bed. Any suggestions? I've asked his Pediatrician - and he said he would grow out of this "phase" - but how long do I have to wait!?


Asked by lauvit at 8:59 PM on Jan. 15, 2010 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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Answers (4)
  • Oh I heard the "grow out of it" phase my childhood too. I still get accidents when I laugh to hard. How embarrasing do you think it is when you had an accident in hs and have to wait in the cafeteria for everyone to leave and then run home... yeah not fun.
    Definately get a second opinion. There might be something wrong with his lower sphyncter in his bladder which is what tells you that you need to go and also holds it in. I had a slight malformation on mine and needed outpatient surgery. Wasn't bad but the first couple of days just a slight discomfort with the feeling to urinate all the time.
    I hoped I helped and not made it worse.

    Answer by wolfmomma30 at 4:13 AM on Jan. 16, 2010

  • I wouldn't rule out the possibility that there may be something medically going on with him. Some children suffer from incontinence. It can in fact last into adulthood. I've read several articles on it and punishment isn't the way to go. Maybe you should do some research on children that have accidents.

    Answer by lowencope at 9:13 PM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • In light of this question and the 'dressing' question you asked about the same child I would suggest you talk to a child psychologist,  or at minimum counselor. I think there is a big possibliity there are deeper emotional issues going on. I would not ignore it. If your pediatrician has ruled out medical cause my next step would be an evaluation by a professional (psychiatry, psychologist..whatever)


    Answer by GrnEyedGrandma at 9:38 PM on Jan. 15, 2010

  • Thanks, Wolfmoma - I will be sure to ask the doctor about that on the next visit in a week. If we get the same "don't worry" response, I'm getting a new pediatrician.

    Answer by lauvit at 6:52 AM on Jan. 16, 2010