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How do you get a 3 year old off the nuk! she only uses it to fall asleep than spits it out when she is sleeping?


Asked by kaylajean86 at 12:37 PM on Jun. 18, 2008 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (12)
  • you can try talking to her about how she's a big girl now and that she doesn't need them anymore and that there are new babies that need them. then have her gather them all up, and put them in an envelope in the mailbox for the "paci-fairy" to come pick up and deliver to all the new babies. after she's in bed you can take the envelope and toss it, but when she gets up in the morning, have a little "thank you" gift in the mailbox for her from the "paci-fairy"

    Answer by retz at 5:05 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • we ended up going cold turkey. I cut the nipple off them and threw all of them away. i thought it would be miserable but my son cried when I first did it and then never asked for it, not even at bedtime. It was so much better than trying to set binky times.

    Answer by katykay at 12:38 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • go cold turkey! you might have to listen to crying for a few days but they will stop crying for it. You just have to stay strong and don't give in!

    Answer by bailey_1234 at 12:43 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • You are so lucky you have the advantage of taking it away! My son has always preferred his thumb so I have NO clue how to take that one away! I havnt had any easy experience other than just taking it away period. She will get over it.

    Answer by Nluvwitasailor at 12:44 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • i put some peanut butter on my son's paci and said it was poop. I told him to go throw it in the trash and no crying or anything that took less than a minute. I showed him the extra paci he had and he was gagging. LOL He didn't want it at all. maybe it was mean of me but it worked.

    Answer by ErikaM27 at 12:46 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • We just took our son's away at a little less than 2 years. He didn't miss it much. I've also heard about leaving it out for the binkie fairy for babies that need them or cutting off the nipples.

    Answer by elwalters77 at 12:46 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • tell her to gather up all her nuk and put them in like a little party bag and tell her that you are going to send them to the babies - let her put them in the bag and make a little picture for the babies and put it into the mail box (be sure to take it out of the mailbox when she isnt arround and throw it away in the outside garbage can.)

    Answer by vakatia at 12:47 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • Another way to get her off of the Nuk is to gather all of them up, and have her throw them all away in the outside trash herself, then have her say 'bye-bye' to them. When she whines about having one, remind her that she said good-bye to them. She'll forget about it pretty quickly.

    Answer by beefgoddess at 12:52 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • Aidan used to chew holes in his so once they all had holes in them i told him to pick which one he wanted, and he didn't want any of them. It was his choice...i think that made it easier. So you can cut tiny holes in them one by one until she runs out. Show her that they all have holes in them and that's all you have.

    Answer by rherrington83 at 12:54 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • I let them dwindle down until we only had one left. We got the cheaper ones so she would bite a whole in it. Once she did I had her throw it in the garbage. She cried one night and never asked for it again.

    Answer by Becki25 at 3:30 PM on Jun. 18, 2008