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Not gay bashing, honest question...why is it that some lesbians go for women that look like men?

I'm not really experienced in this area so please don't be offended. If lesbians like women, why do some look for women that look and act like men? I didn't say all, I know that there are different kinds of lesbians.


Asked by Anonymous at 6:25 PM on Jan. 17, 2010 in Just for Fun

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Answers (21)
  • I think everyone needs to calm down. a lesbian may go for a butch lasbian because she feels more feminin, however you spell that...people on here bash a lot, and so it is to be expected that someone might say something, and it be taken as bashing, though it was not mean that way. i love CM, but frankly, I am getting stressed just reading some replies, because they are just bashing. Please, this is a place for moms to come to other moms and relieve stress, but it is ridiclous how many women will tear eachother up. I understand when someone asks stupid questions like..."if my husband is sexually abusing my 3yr old, should I leave him?" duhh, but really girls, just relax, and anjoy eachothers company.

    Answer by maxxsmommy13 at 6:54 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • I've always wondered the same thing.

    a bit OT, but I was hit on by a butch lesbian once. After politely turning her down, my only thought was that if I wanted to date someone that looks like a guy, I'll date a guy.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:27 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • Some guys like fat chicks, some women like bald men, some people like mint chocolate chip ice cream... preference. It's totally unexplainable.

    Answer by ecodani at 6:28 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • For the same reason I am attracted to tall, broad shouldered men and my best friend likes short plump ones. It is what we find attractive. I think it is in our hard wiring. We each like what we like. Why does it matter to you?

    Answer by SleepingBeautee at 6:28 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • Gotta have the butch one and the femmy one I guess.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:29 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • Personally I think many women choose a lesbian lifestyle but are not actually gay. I believe they are attracted to men (thus would be attracted to a more masculine looking female) but don't like how men treat them. I know many women in lesbian relationships who have gone through abusive relationships with men so turn to women. Whatever floats their boat

    Answer by admckenzie at 6:30 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • SleepingBeautee - I think she was just asking out of curiosity's sake, not that it bothers her. (hence the Just for Fun category)

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:31 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • Personal preference the same way heteros have preference in men.

    Answer by older at 6:31 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • Yeah seriously sleepingbeauty, no need to be snotty...I wasn't. It wasn't aimed to put anyone down. I was genuinely curious but leave it to someone to make it something else.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:35 PM on Jan. 17, 2010

  • LOL...I have always wondered this too. I have actually seen attractive "men" and then found out it was a woman. I can't figure out why someone would say they find her more attractive than a man that looks the same. I mean, she has breasts, but other than that, what else is different? You could say its the femininity of her I guess, but if she is a butch female, then she probably doesn't act feminine.

    Answer by VintageWife at 6:36 PM on Jan. 17, 2010