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Top UN scientists predicting Global Cooling

Prof Latif, who leads a research team at the renowned Leibniz Institute at Germany’s Kiel University, has developed new methods for measuring ocean temperatures 3,000ft beneath the surface, where the cooling and warming cycles start.

He and his colleagues predicted the new cooling trend in a paper published in 2008 and warned of it again at an IPCC conference in Geneva last September.

Last night he told The Mail on Sunday: ‘A significant share of the warming we saw from 1980 to 2000 and at earlier periods in the 20th Century was due to these cycles – perhaps as much as 50 per cent.

'They have now gone into reverse, so winters like this one will become much more likely. Summers will also probably be cooler, and all this may well last two decades or longer.'

Are you stocked up in long underwear?


Asked by Anonymous at 6:30 PM on Jan. 18, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (11)
  • Carpy, GW fanatics, the Al Gore worshippers, you'd think they'd be a little peeved about all the money they have been taken for, oh well, it's all good, as long as they get control. It doesn't matter, if a little ole lie is told that will bring about our transformation to the the one world system, ugh!

    LOL, LoriK... :)

    Waldorf, I am sure the subjects will give freely to such a worth cause, like they will have a choice, eh?... :)

    Mancos, you get your long/johns from Vic. Secret, lol... :)

    Special, I am coming to stay with you, but after you plant, K? lol... :)

    Answer by agentwanda at 8:17 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • But, Its just a PAUSE. Do not fear the GW religion freaks will still spin it so they can continue their quest for world control.

    Answer by Carpy at 6:40 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • Well, it's a good thing I stocked up on "Climate Change" attire--whether we're cooling or warming, I'm ready! LOL :o)

    Answer by LoriKeet at 6:43 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • Plenty of long underwear here. SILK long underwear when I'm feeling sexy.... LOL

    Answer by mancosmomma at 6:55 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • Well, it is encouraging that this idea is getting play in the UK !

    They have been utterly brainwashed for a decade now, so hopefully the incredibly tyrannical regulations they have in place there will get overturned ... ... ??

    Hmm ... I won't hold my breath in expectation of that, especially if those regulations cause lots of money to be collected from the citizens ... oops, I mean from the subjects.

    Answer by waldorfmom at 7:10 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • I live in the Pacific Northwest so I am ready!

    I am going to add even more to our food supply though. If summers are too cool we will have food shortages. I am going to plant a larger garden this summer too.

    Answer by yourspecialkid at 7:23 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • I live in Ohio. Weird weather is the norm. But, I am planting a bigger garden, too.

    Answer by 29again at 8:12 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • This doesn't surprise me in the least. The scientists were wrong in the 70s, wrong in the 90s.... They can't predict what the weather will be in 50 years any more than they can predict what the latest fashion will be in 2029.

    Answer by MunchMunch at 9:38 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • Eh, I'll believe it when I see it. They can barely predict the weather a week from now, let alone decades...the Earth will do what it needs to do to take care of and heal itself...if that's warming, we'll be warmer...if that's cooling, we'll be wearing sweatshirts more often. I'm just going to roll with it :)

    Answer by beadingmom17 at 11:44 PM on Jan. 18, 2010

  • I Pledge Allegiance Poster

    :::rolls eyes::: CC fanatics they get loonier the colder it gets.

    I live in Alaska, I have TONS of Long Janes lol. I really wish it ws still global warming I could use some now.


    Answer by Crissy1213 at 2:44 AM on Jan. 19, 2010