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getting rid of the bottle

any suggestions? she is 15 months and only has it for a nap and for bed...but i know its time to say goodbye....but how? with my first it was so easy, but she needs it to fall asleep

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:48 PM on Jan. 19, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

Answers (8)
  • I was soo nervous to switch my son from bottle to a sippy, because I knew it was a comfort to him. However, one day I just gave him a Sippy and he took to it. He tried to regress that next night, because his sister was using his bottles. However, I just stuck to my guns and gave him the sippy. He has been doing well ever since.

    Just take it away. It's that simple. Cold turkey.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 4:10 PM on Jan. 19, 2010

  • just take them away. give her a sippy for comfort. thats what we did for our son. hes doing great and LOVES the sippy. it took him maybe 6 hours to realize we werent gonna give the bottle back. then he was all sippy all the time!

    Answer by missbreezy214 at 4:30 PM on Jan. 19, 2010

  • Just cut it cold turkey!! Give a sippy before bed and nap. It will be hard but better now

    Answer by DilsMommy at 4:33 PM on Jan. 19, 2010

  • i wouldnt push it. i know doctors always say get rid of the bottle at one... but why? the only real reason is teeth. at 14months i was still giving my dd a bottle before a nap and bed bc it helped her fall asleep. i also made sure i was brushing her teeth twice a day. and she would only use a sippy cup for other things. eventually she accepted the sippy cup before a nap. i never even pushed it. she was just use to drinking from a cup. and now that she is 18 months old i still give her a bottle at night. and i put formula in it. i know this isnt necessary, but i figure the extra nutrients in it will be good for her, and it soothes her. there are nights when she doesnt even want a bottle. but im not about to force her not to have one. in my opinion, as long as your child is capable of drinking from a sippy cup throughout the day, then dont worry about it. i plan on not having any bottle by the time she is 2. GL!

    Answer by DRM0329 at 4:34 PM on Jan. 19, 2010

  • thanks all!

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:40 PM on Jan. 19, 2010

  • With us, we used a cup during the day anyways (we love the gerber graduates ones!) and just stopped the night bottle cold turkey. We haven't had any problems since! He's almost 3 now!

    Answer by RutterMama at 7:31 PM on Jan. 19, 2010

  • Please let me know if anything works because my DD drinks fine from a cup but won't take milk from it. She started to during the day at daycare and Grandma's but still won't drink it for me. She went 2 hours one morning with nothing to drink because all I gave her was milk in a cup. So please any advice would help.

    Answer by NHRachel at 12:30 PM on Jan. 20, 2010

  • we just took it away one day, just gave him the cup instead and he did fine, he was about 15 months then.

    Answer by calvinsmommy18 at 2:45 AM on Jan. 23, 2010

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