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How can I make my dd understand her sounds and spelling?

She kind of gets it and she kind of don't I ask her to write me a short letter and she still asks how do you spell that I am like you should know this by now she is 6 yr. old in the 1st grade. Is this common for her :(

When she writes her letters omg it is terrible the only way I can get her to write legibly is when I am right there and I have written a word and all she does is copy...Help! How can I get her to understand?
Thank you.

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:36 AM on Jan. 21, 2010 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

Answers (5)
  • Have you had her evaluated for dyslexia? It comes in many forms and it is quite possible that she may have it. Children all learn at different rates and in different ways. She's six, still learning, and maybe she is just having a hard time remembering how to spell words. Does she have a hard time sounding it out? Try different methods of teaching her. Some people are visual learners, some audio, and others are hands-on. I wouldn't be too concerned with the spelling, but maybe the writing. Good luck.

    Answer by nicolemstacy at 9:40 AM on Jan. 21, 2010

  • Review with her short vowel and long vowel sounds.
    Verify that she knows the sounds for the consonants, including letters with double sounds like c and g.

    When she asks how to spell a word, don't just spell it for her. Ask her how she thinks it is spelled and then if she has trouble do it sound by sound. If she wanted to spell cat for example, if she says, "I don't know" say, well, what letter makes a "kuh" sound. If she says k, simply say, "well, it does, but in this case it's the other letter that makes the sound, what letter is that?" For short a have her tell you what vowel makes that sound, and then ask her how to finish it off.

    Our 6yo likes to play the "how do you spell it" game by asking us how to spell a word, when he is PERFECTLY CAPABLE of doing so himself. I make him sound it out. Usually when he spells it aloud for me, he is very close to having it right. He just doesn't to have to try.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:52 AM on Jan. 21, 2010

  • Talk to the school. Our daughter is in kindergarten and her homework is handwriting 14 words 2x/piece for 4 nights. Then she has her math.... then we have phoenetic flash cards.

    We learned that sounding the letters out vs. the name of the letter is the best way for us. So Flag isn't F.L.A.G. it's the sounds...

    But talk with your teacher.

    Answer by lynnard at 12:07 PM on Jan. 21, 2010

  • Maybe talk to her teacher. A lot of teacher's now have e-mail where you can contact them w/ concerns, and set up conferences if needed, or send in a note and voice your concerns. If the teacher thinks she's doing well, and going at a normal pace, and it's just your concerns, then you can work w/ her at home. Make it fun though, there are all sorts of websites w/ idea's for learning games and stuff. Every kid learns at their own pace, so who knows? I'm still trying to get my daughter to write more legibly, and she's in all advanced classes in middle school.

    Answer by HappyEndings at 3:15 PM on Jan. 21, 2010

  • Here are two really good sites that are free. and

    and a great book for phonics and spelling are Phonics Pathways and also the series Spelling Workout...Spelling Workout A is for first graders.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:16 PM on Jan. 21, 2010

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