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What to expect with Gestation Diabetes??

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. I got a call this morning that my glucose test came back high (your supposed to be 140 or under... I am 221). They gave me a number to take a Diabetes Class at a local hospital to learn about diet and monitoring it. I start tomorrow.

Do any of you ladies have any suggestions or advice about this? It's my first pregnancy so I am still very new to everything.

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Asked by amazingrace0408 at 8:50 PM on Jan. 21, 2010 in Pregnancy

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  • First off, relax :) I was diagnosed with it at 16 wks. I was able to control it with diet alone until i was in the 32 wk range when i had to take pills. Just stick to your diet and if necessary medicine regemin and you will be fine :) Its really not that bad.

    Answer by carsonsmommytam at 8:53 PM on Jan. 21, 2010

  • I had it with my first. It's not hard to manage you just have to be diligent.

    Expect to take your blood sugar four times a day and eat a diet within specific carb amounts. I felt like I was eating all the time actually.

    For some people, diet and exercise don't work and they need to go on insulin. This was not the case with me. I strictly stayed within the diet and walked a ton and that was good enough.

    It seems scary and overwhelming at first but only because it's new.

    Keep me in mind if you have any questions after your class, especially about carb counting. I'm an expert. Not only did I have GD but the daughter from that pregnancy is a type 1 diabetic so I deal with it daily. FYI, GD does not lead to diabetic children especially if blood sugar is controlled as mine was. That's just a coincidence.

    Answer by heatheryn at 8:56 PM on Jan. 21, 2010

  • I had GD and it really wasn't that bad. Like the pp said, expect to test 4 times a day.. once in the morning, then about an hour after each meal. The One Touch Ultra Mini is a great meter. Simple to use and compact. Mine was pink!
    Avoid sugars and carbs. Bread, candy, soda, juice, pasta, things like that. Eggs, peanut butter, whole wheat tortillas, meat, veggies, sugar free candies (russel stovers makes some really yummy ones) Diet Snapple, splenda, sugar free jello are all ok.. there's lots more. You can pretty much follow any type 2 diabetes diet. And they'll give you lots of ideas in class.
    The hard part for me was avoiding dairy, fruit, and cereal. I was able to figure out how much of those things I could eat and still be ok though. Just have to watch the numbers. And if they are a little high, just go for a brisk walk for 10-15 minutes... then retest. That always brought mine back down to normal. No meds till I was 29wk

    Answer by Megs5384 at 9:13 PM on Jan. 21, 2010

  • i just got diagnosed with it myself at 34 weeks an im almost 36 they make u see a diatrician they put you on a diabetic diet til the baby is bron monitor you an your baby every week youll do non stress test for the baby at ur hospital if its bad mine is an worse cases if u cant keep ur gluclose sugar level down youll be put on insulin to help you so it does suck but hang in there they wont let u go all the way to 40 weeks 38 the latest due to big baby an higher risk of somthing happening basically a c section im schedule for one in the am on feb 12 wich makes me 38 weeks there afraid my babu will be tooo big come 40 weeks so dont worry after baby it should go away

    Answer by ohmama213 at 9:19 PM on Jan. 21, 2010

  • Being a procrastinator, I didn't get the 3hr. test done until I was about 35 wks. I was diagnosed with GD & was given the One Touch Ultra Mini (mine is green :). For 2 weeks I was faithful in my 4 pricks a day. And every single one of my readings came back normal!
    I had told them ahead of time that as long as I stay away from sugar, I'm fine. But feed me 100mg of sugar and YEAH I'm going to have some wacky results! It's just the way my body is. I could have saved EVERYONE the trouble of going through all that icky testing.
    My levels are fine, my baby is great, & I temporarily got myself worked up over nothing. I'm almost 39 weeks & I'm being induced on Tuesday- but only b/c my blood pressure has been funky.
    To hear the details of what they expect you to do is very overwhelming, but try to just soak it all in. Once you're at home & doing your routine and seeing the results, you'll feel more comfortable about it. Good luck!

    Answer by LeiLana80 at 3:41 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

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