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Did you forgive your hubby for cheating on you?

Or is that just a deal breaker?

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:03 AM on Jan. 22, 2010 in Just for Fun

Answers (35)
  • I forgave him but I still divorced him

    Answer by admckenzie at 9:05 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • Every situation is different. I lived through lots of cheating for years. We have not been together for many years now. I have forgiven him but would never take him back now.

    Answer by Cindy18 at 9:07 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • I forgave him the first and 2nd time (that I KNOW of, who knows how many other times it happened that i dont know about), but the 3rd time I kicked him out. Good thing he did cheat b/c he was a peice of shit and that was my reason for getting away! Like Cindy18 said, I have forgiven him now, but would never take him back.

    Answer by snoober_k at 9:12 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • Yes I forgave him and we are still together. It will be a deal breaker if he ever does it agian. Without question, I will divorce him.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:13 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • (internet indecretions/sexual chatting/pics)eventually, but there's still trust-issues..waaaay in the back of my mind. he lives/works out of, i've either got to trust him, or think he's doing whoever/whatever he wants. i choose to trust him. if i find out (solidly) that i can't trust him, we'll deal with that.
    honestly, though, as long as he keeps it out of my house, and keeps bringing the $ in..sometimes, i think i could live with it. if i thought he was actually meeting someone for sex/affair, he'd get nothing from me. i get tested every six months from the indecretion i found out 4 years ago. it bothers him that i still don't trust him enough not to get tested. that's his problem.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:13 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • Deal breaker - there's no way I could ever look at him the same way again or trust him at all.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:19 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • if he ever did no i wouldn't i would divorce him and he knows it

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:31 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • deal breaker - i would forgive him after years had passed. but i would never forget or go back to him. theroreticically of course!

    Answer by AmaliaD at 9:32 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • It's a deal breaker for me. You have one chance and only one chance. You mess it up and it's done. I can forgive but never forget and would never look at him the same. I don't care about the circumstances, a cheater is a cheater and that's all there is to it. If you do it once then you might do it again. I'm not willing to take that chance and stick around to find out.

    I have a friend who is stuck in her marriage. She has no family around, no job, no car, no nothing and her husband cheats on her all the time and is an alcoholic. She can't do anything about it because she made nothing of her life and relies on him for everything. She's left before but returns back to him because she has nothing to fall back on and no where to go. I feel bad for her but then again I don't because it was her choice to stay with him after his 1st cheat when she could have left and picked up the pieces.

    Answer by momtotrips at 9:39 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

  • My husband hasn't cheated, but if he did, as heartbroken and devastated as I would be, I think I'd forgive him. We'd have to go through extensive counseling and he'd have to earn my trust all over again, but I would try to repair our marriage before ending it. It can go one way or the other. Sometimes when people cheat, they continue to do it. Other times, they learn from their mistake because knowing they could have lost everything is the wake up call they need. Usually men that cheat and divorce are faithful in their next relationship because they've "been there, done that". I'd stick around to see if he learned his lesson and if he didn't, then I would say, "Oh well, I tried." and then leave him.

    Answer by nicolemstacy at 9:52 AM on Jan. 22, 2010

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