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nightmare/sleep talking and crying at 11:30 pm (sharp) EVERY NIGHT?

What's this about? 5 days straight... right as my husband and I are beginning to doze, we hear our daughter and think she's waking up... "no... no..."and other sentences that are hard to understand. clearly a bad dream. Last night she started crying after and I thought she was awake... went in there and she was sitting up on her knees crying, and she talked to me a little but didn't make sense... then she went right back to sleep after I helped her lie down -- I mean it was instantaneous.... so I don't think she was actually awake at all. 20 minutes later, same sort of thing, only she kicked at me every time I tried to put a cover over her feet.... is this a night terror? I thought they were not actually dreaming/talking during those. Is it just normal sleep talking and somnambulism (she's not out of bed yet, but sitting up)... Is there anything we can do for this? Anything we should do at the moment or to prevent it?

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Asked by EmilySusan at 9:27 AM on Jan. 29, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • unfortunately it sounds like a night terror. the only advice that i know of is to not try to wake her. that can make the terror worse.

    Answer by Marri357 at 9:32 AM on Jan. 29, 2010

  • Sounds like night terrors/sleep talking/ sleep walking to me. Try not to wake her unless it seems like she is really in distress, for instance, my childhood night terrors always ended in me screaming at the top of my lungs until I woke up on my own or someone woke me up. As I got older the screaming stopped and I started just waking up scared or I would talk in my sleep. I also started sleep walking, so if I were you, I would make sure your doors are all locked so your daughter cannot leave the house in the event she does start sleep walking. The only other advice I can give you is to try and locate any external factors in these terrors: a scary book or show, or even a book she reads or a show she watches on the nights she has these terrors that isn't all that scary, but still triggers them. If you can limit what may cause them until she is older, she may be more able to deal with them. CONT....

    Answer by preacherskid at 11:50 AM on Jan. 29, 2010

  • Until she is old enough to understand and deal with them on her own, the only thing you can do when she has them is comfort her when she needs it and be available to talk to her about them if she wants to talk. If they get really bad, you may want to mention it to her doctor. Sleep disorders (which is what those are a part of, along with the walking and talking) can occasionnally become very serious and interfere with the waking life of the person suffering from them.

    Answer by preacherskid at 11:53 AM on Jan. 29, 2010

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